Week-long impasse between district and teachers’ union ends

The Tamalpais Federation of Teachers (TFT) union ended a week-long impasse regarding contract negotiations on Thursday and withdrew their filing for state mediation. After seven months of fruitless negotiation, the TFT officially declared an impasse on Feb. 9, which would have triggered a state review and subsequent mediation between the union and the Tamalpais Unified […]

Sophomore Miles Squiers performing Rolling Stones song ‘Start me up’.

Rocking advisory: bands expose students to a range of music

From classical to jazz to rock, several Redwood bands performed a variety of songs during the previous two advisory periods. Half the students attended on Feb. 6 and the other half on Feb. 13. For the first time in 14 years, a number of the assorted bands from Advanced Performance Workshop (APW), wind ensemble, and […]


Tahoe time: Skiers stoked about record-setting snowfall

Recent extreme weather has brought Redwood skiers out of their drought depression and back onto the slopes of Tahoe. The ski hype has been difficult to sustain due to poor precipitation levels over the past two years, but some students never gave up their love for the mountain. This year’s incredible snowfall has rewarded them […]

The girls varsity volleyball team has 5 members who have played for head coach Katie Pease's club volleyball program.

Club and school sports prove closely intertwined

When players step onto the court, their minds no longer race about the stresses of everyday life; they simply focus on the game. For many, sports are an escape, a meditation and a shield. Unfortunately, the line between high school and club sports has become blurred, enlisting a fear for some that without playing a […]


Redwood earns critical victory over Branson through explosive third quarter

Redwood earns critical victory over Branson through explosive third quarter By: Josh Cohen and Adam Kreitzman   Entering the matchup, the Redwood Giants and Branson Bulls found themselves at 8-3 in conference play, making the game vital for the MCAL race with just three games left to play. The first half had the makings of […]


Senior Stephanie Oh plays the flute at an Advisory Concert that took place Monday.

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Thrift 4 Hope club raises money for local charity

The Thrift 4 Hope club donated $540 to Buckelew Programs following their winter clothing sale, furthering the club’s goal of making a positive impact on the community. The club collects used clothing each semester for their biannual sales, with boxes stationed in Redwood’s front office and at several off-campus locations, according to co-president senior Abby […]


Tam Red-Tailed Hawks soar past Redwood Giants to win second straight championship

The final buzzer sounded, and Tam students started pouring onto the court excitedly to join their team in a mosh pit at center court. They had just won their second consecutive MCAL championship. After Tam’s thrilling 39-36 victory on Saturday, Redwood’s reaction was much more solemn as their outstanding season came to a disappointing end. […]


UnPresidented: Trump takes the wrong approach on immigration

“UnPresidented” is a new column discussing the transition and first days of the Trump administration.   Until Tuesday, immigration policy under President Trump’s administration only laid the foundation for a ridiculous border wall and thrived on vague threats of increased action. That all changed with the recently released directives from the Department of Homeland Security, […]


Cullen’s equestrian quest for glory

Long before the sun has risen, sophomore Lena Cullen is already preparing for a horse show. She arrives at the arena at 5 a.m., washes her horse, Fun, puts on the bridle and saddle and memorizes her jumping course before the competition starts. Cullen spends five days a week at the barn, practicing with her […]


Friday Night Bites: Powder offers a unique twist on classic ice cream

Friday Night Bites, Bark’s newest review segment, highlights hip places to eat and hang during your night on the town. From delicious desserts to superb suppers, The Bark knows where to go to tantalize your tastebuds.   Tucked into a brightly lit, modernist space, Powder, a small storefront in San Francisco, offers the perfect after-dinner […]