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News media faces challenges from Trump administration

Increasing attacks by Trump on mainstream news media outlets have escalated over the past year, including threats varying from simple Twitter posts to canceling press briefings. With the Trump administration taking extensive measures to enforce their policies, trust and confidence in the media is in a vulnerable state. Public opinion of the media has fluctuated […]


Students of the visual arts: Seniors pursue artistic ambitions

Three seniors have decided to pursue their artistic ambitions, enrolling in their respective art schools and programs. Danielle Kisseberth will attend the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) as a prospective major in Architecture. With a strong Architecture Department, facilities and professional emphasis, RISD appealed to her. Alice Sowa will be a student at Massachusetts […]

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A look into the company’s culture: Brandy Melville

With its revolutionary one-size business model, trendy clothing and a strong social media presence of more than 3.5 million followers on Instagram, clothing company Brandy Melville has become an attractive apparel option for many high school students in the Bay Area.

Jolly Roger staff members (left to right) Nadov Radar, Rex Collenette and Julliette Carey  lay out their paper.

Jolly Roger resumes printing after contract dispute is resolved

The district’s Classified Staff Union came to an agreement within their contact with the Tamalpais Union High School District (TUHSD) board on May 9 which allows Drake High School’s student newspaper, the Jolly Roger, to print their backdated issues and one final issue this year through an outside printer. Previously, a clause within the contract […]


Senior Farewell Rally

The Senior Farewell Rally encompassed the journey Redwood’s senior class has taken throughout these four years of high school. Starting off with a rendition of our national anthem, the rally transpired smoothly from there on out. The seniors and freshman played the juniors and sophomores in dodgeball, Advanced Performance Workshop played some tunes, all grades […]


Senior Bryte Darden preforms alongside Jazz Band.

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Admin overlooked student input in parking decisions say committee members

The administration, according to numerous reports from students on last year’s Parking Committee, ignored or overlooked student input and ideas when deciding how to improve the school’s parking situation. The committee was formed in 2016 to address the shortage of student and teacher parking, according to a September 2015 email sent to all Redwood families […]


The story behind the two wild ones in left field

Seniors Cosmo Taylor and John Van Liere are two super fans that have brought a whole new level of wittiness and determination to the baseball bleachers. This dynamic duo operates off the field in the bleachers or on the hill in left field during home games, banging on instruments and heckling the opposing team’s players. […]


Editorial: Examining our relationship with admin

When we, as seniors, reflect back on our time at Redwood and the community that we have been a part of for the past four years, what usually comes to mind first are the positive relationships we have made with our fellow students and teachers, even amid the many changes and massive growth that have […]


Organic strawberries are part of debated organic movement

Forty-one percent of American adults do not believe there is a difference between organically and conventionally grown food, according to Pew Research.  At the same time there are many people who choose to shop organically for their produce, motivated by a number of reasons. A total of 55 percent of American adults believe there are benefits […]


Plow’s exceptional nosh makes up for unoriginal premise

It’s a Monday, around 11 a.m., and most restaurants in San Francisco are getting those few stragglers who decided to skip work or school for an extended breakfast. But at Plow, the S.F. brunch institution on Potrero Hill, those stragglers are not few in number, but rather, crowd the street curbs and wooden planter boxes […]