Latin restaurants offer diverse flavors


Estofado, arroz, y ensalada Rusa

Dany Rodas

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In Marin, you can find many different diverse cultures both inside Redwood and in the area around it. The melting pot of diversity in Marin offers amazing food, especially in restaurants such as Lucerito, Mi Familia and El Tazumal.

Mi Familia, a Mexican restaurant located in San Rafael, serves excellent burritos, tacos, enchiladas and tortas. There was a large selection of entrees to choose from and I decided to order the Super Wet Burrito, which was drenched in red salsa. It was amazing, but the burrito was large and it was good enough to eat. The Wet Burrito ($9.35) was filled with pinto beans, beef, guacamole, rice, lettuce, sour cream and cheese. The savory combination of ingredients in the burrito, especially the guacamole, enhanced the other flavors. My order came with complimentary chips and salsa, which was a good way to start before the main dish came. I also got a Horchata ($2.25), which is a popular Mexican drink that was sweet, but not too overwhelming. The beverage was refreshing and a great combination with the meal. The restaurant was very busy at 9 p.m., yet the service was fast, delivering my order within five minutes.

El Tazumal located at 1444 4th St, San Rafael, had catchy El Salvadorian music in the background, which was a mix of religious songs and reggaeton. I ordered three pupusas ($2.00 each), which had vegetables, cheese and beans in a handmade tortilla. They also offer a sweet red salsa and a salad on the side that can be placed on top of the pupusas. The pupusa was rich and cheesy, but was achieved by the crunchy salad and vegetables. It took 20 minutes for me to get my three pupusas, but the handmade tortillas were worth the wait.

El Lucerito, located at 767 Lincoln Ave, San Rafael, is a restaurant that offers many Guatemalan dishes on their menu. The most popular plate is called the “Estofado” ($13.95). Even though the menu had many options, I had to order the Estofado and compare it to my mom’s homemade Estofado. The salad had green beans, chopped carrots, peppers and mayo. The meat was tender and complemented the rice, beans, meat and salad. The handmade tortillas were the best part because they could be mixed with all of the other ingredients. I enjoyed eating this and it works as a great dinner or breakfast plate. Even though it took awhile for the plate to come, the food was excellent.

Out of these three restaurants, the Estofado from El Lucerito stood out because of the , which included ensalada rusa, chirmol and tortillas made from hand. By mixing all of these and the special sauce, it created a blend of flavors that was unique among Guatemalan food.  The restaurant really transported me into Guatemala because the atmosphere was great and it was great.