DJ Khaled proves that he is ‘The Best Music’ after releasing ‘GOD DID.’

Maddie Sofnas

Song rankings on a 5-star scale:

  1. “NO SECRET (feat. Drake)” 3/5
  2. “GOD DID (feat. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, John Legend and Fridayy)” 4.5/5     
  3. “USE THIS GOSPEL (feat. Ye and Eminem) – REMIX” 3.5/5
  4. “BIG TIME (feat. Future and Lil Baby)” 3.5/5
  5. “KEEP GOING (feat. Lil Durk, 21 Savage and Roddy Ricch)” 3.5/5
  6. “PARTY (feat. Quavo and Takeoff)” 4/5                                                             
  7. “STAYING ALIVE (feat. Drake and Lil Baby)” 3/5
  8. “BEAUTIFUL (feat. Future and SZA)” 5/5        
  9. “IT AIN’T SAFE (feat. Nardo Wick and Kodak Black)” 3/5           
  10. “LET’S PRAY (feat. Don Toliver and Travis Scott)” 2/5
  11. “FAM GOOD, WE GOOD (feat. Gunna and Roddy Ricch)” 3/5
  12. “BILLS PAID (feat. Latto and City Girls)” 3.5/5
  13. “WAY PAST LUCK (feat. 21 Savage)” 4/5       
  14. “THESE STREETS KNOW MY NAME (feat. Skillbeng, Buju Banton, Capleton, Bounty Killer and Sizzla)” 2.5/5
  15. “Juice WRLD DID (feat. Juice WRLD)” 3.5/5
  16. “JADAKISS INTERLUDE (feat. Jadakiss)” 3/5
  17. “ASAHD and AALAM CLOTH TALK” 1/5
  18. “GRATEFUL (feat. Vory)” 3/5

On Aug. 26, 2022, “We The Best Music” artist DJ Khaled teamed up with 32 of the top rappers and singers from around the world to create his 13th album, “GOD DID.” The 18-song album is full of generational talents such as Jay-Z, Drake, SZA and Future. Khaled, who made his start in the music industry as a DJ in the 1990s, later released his first official album in 2006. Since then, he has published 12 studio albums and has produced 56 songs on the Billboard Hot 100 with songs including, “I’m the One (feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper and Lil Wayne),” and “All I Do Is Win (feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross).”  

Released on Aug. 26, DJ Khaled is thrilled to announce his 13th album. (Image courtesy of Billboard)

According to Khaled in an interview with Billboard, Jay-Z, one of Khaled’s idols, claimed the album “GOD DID” is the best album Khaled has ever produced. Khaled also claimed the rapper was responsible for choosing the album cover, which depicts Khaled looking up while shedding a tear, symbolizing his joy for God’s blessings. 

“To get to a 13th album is beyond incredible for me,” Khaled said to Billboard. “The greats that I look up to, when I see how many albums they put out; I’m on the right track. I know how hard it is to be in this game – some people can’t make it past their first single or their first album.” 

Three weeks prior to the album’s release date, Khaled dropped “STAYING ALIVE (feat. Drake and Lil Baby),” which symbolizes the life of a rapper in the U.S. The song shows how Drake, Lil Baby and Khaled are still alive despite the stereotypes against rappers and are surrounded by many women who are attracted to their success and fame. Though the song peaked at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 the day it dropped, for an opening song, it is generic and flat. The rap verses sound as if both Drake and Lil Baby are mumbling the lyrics. The slower, basic beat is a letdown and makes the song monotone rather than uniform. Although Drake’s chorus is catchy and has more flow, both rap verses are somewhat of a disappointment. Compared to Khaled’s previous hits, many were expecting a more upbeat rap to get you up on your feet to dance and sing.

Posing with Future and SZA, DJ Khaled thrills fans with the group’s top hit “BEAUTIFUL (feat. Future and SZA).” (Image courtesy of hiphop 24×7)


The second song of the album, “GOD DID (feat. Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, John Legend and Fridayy),” has a sensational compilation of artists. The eight-minute song provides a clear message of how God has guided all of them to success and proved their doubters wrong. 

“But look at us now, oh they counted us out/They didn’t think that we would make it/They didn’t believe in us, oh but I know God did,” the lyrics state.

The collaborators switch off rapping verses as the words “God did” play in the background. Jay-Z is the highlight of the song, rapping for four minutes straight, and the lyrical masterpiece is definitely worth a listen — but only if you have lots of time!

Although the title track “GOD DID” is the face of the album, the best song is “BEAUTIFUL (feat. Future and SZA).” In this stunning song, you get the best of both the rap and R&B worlds. Future sings the majority of the song, saying he has found someone worthy to settle down with. The song is very upbeat and pairs perfectly with his voice; however, SZA’s vocals are electrifying. Her higher-pitched voice is euphonious and having a small part in the song makes her lyrics more powerful. 

Exciting fans from across the country, DJ Khaled teams with 32 artists to release his new album, “GOD DID.” (Image courtesy of Spotify)

“I took a chance, and you grabbed it, you said, ‘Don’t worry, I got it,’ you said. And you just make me feel so beautiful,” the lyrics state. 

This unique rap-love song is a must-listen no matter what mood you’re in.

The rest of “GOD DID” features other star artists such as 21 Savage, City Girls and Roddy Ricch, all of whom produce songs on track to hit the Billboard charts. Khaled has provided these rappers not only a chance to work together, but an opportunity to spread positive messages. Though he had a poor choice in his early release song, the rest of the album made up for it. “GOD DID” is a must-listen for all rap lovers.