Guide to the best non-scary Halloween movies

Natalie Welch

As the Spooky Season rolls in and cobwebs and skeletons get hung, it is time to start getting into the Halloween mood with activities such as trick or treating, spooky movies and all things pumpkin spice. But for many, watching Halloween horror films can be too daunting. So, here is a guide to movies that will still radiate those Halloween vibes without keeping you up at night.

Intermixing a family fun movie night with creepy creators, the film Halloweentown delivers with jokes and jumps. (Courtesy of IMDB)


The perfect mix of a corny Disney movie and the Halloween aesthetic, “Halloweentown” is the story of siblings who find that their grandma actually lives in a place called Halloweentown. The town is filled with ghosts and goblins, but instead of seeing their scary side, the children see them living their day to day lives, from driving taxis to going grocery shopping. The movie emulates the holiday spirit, drawing the audience into the world of Halloween. Contrary to the heartwarming side, the film still delivers a touch of eeriness as the monsters slowly begin turning evil again.

“Hubie Halloween”

“Hubie Halloween” is the typical Adam Sandler movie, where Sandler and his co-stars crack jokes and hang out while also filming a movie. Starring many celebrities, such as Noah Schnapp, Julie Bowen and Peyton List, this parody-like movie has an intense plot while still being an easy watch. As the hometown of Sandler’s character Hubie Dobois gets terrorized by a pig masked killer, it is up to him to be the hero he has always wished to be. With great slap-stick comedy and the redemption arc of Hubie, this is great for a lowkey kind of night when looking for a spook-free watch.

Tim Burton’s iconic Nightmare Before Christmas, tackles issues such as crumbling under others expectations.
(Courtesy of IMDB)

“The Nightmare Before Christmas”

This film takes on the story of the most infamous monster in all of town, Jack the skeleton, who actually does not want to be a monster at all. Although Christmas is in the title, director Tim Burton delivers on the creepy aesthetic in “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” But don’t worry; what should be a scary story turns into an inspiring one. The main character Jack, despite the intense pressure to be the scariest monster of all, goes through a journey to find himself. With creative characters, insane attention to detail and stop motion animation, this perfect mix of Christmas cheer and harrowing Halloween spirit will get you excited for both holidays.


“Hocus Pocus”

This all-time Disney classic, with an iconic musical number, follows the story of three witches who are mistakenly resurrected, and hunt down children in order to maintain their youth. There are some minor scares, but “Hocus Pocus” will still provide great laughs and even better costumes. Since Disney+ recently released a sequel, be sure to watch this cult-classic during the Halloween season. 


No matter how spooked you get from October’s scary season, this guide will help you avoid insomnia by radiating the fall spirit and holiday fear or cheer that Halloween encompasses.