What’s the scoop? World Wrapps releases new ice cream flavors

Maddie Sofnas

Did you scream for ice cream? Well, World Wrapps heard you. Whether you are running daily errands at Town Center or seeking out a sweet treat, stop by World Wrapps’ for unique ice cream flavors made from Straus Creamery’s organic ice cream for $5.95. With a variety of flavors ranging from Green Tea Matcha Mochi to Hawaiian Chocolate Macadamia to Thai Tea Coconut Boba, here is the inside scoop.

A refreshing, smooth ice cream that is necessary on a hot day: Green Tea Matcha Mochi ice cream.

Green Tea Matcha Mochi: 4/5

If you’re a matcha lover, this is the ice cream for you. Aside from the awkwardly shaped cardboard cups and vanilla ice cream base that melts too quickly on a sunny day, the delicious treat is close to faultless. With a smooth consistency and a decent-sized serving, the matcha green tea powder sprinkled on top adds a unique punch to your first few bites, flavoring the plain vanilla with a refreshing matcha taste. If only it was sprinkled throughout the entire dessert. As you devour your ice cream and reach the second half, you begin to encounter some tasty mochi cubes. These flavorful cubes have a smooth, chewy, bouncy texture, resulting in a mouthwatering, gel-like consistency. Adding a few more cubes toward the top would improve the ice cream, but, nonetheless, the Green Tea Matcha Mochi ice cream is definitely worth your money.

Thai Tea Coconut Boba: 2/5

Toppings that do not work: boba on ice cream!

The Thai Tea Coconut Boba ice cream does not compare well to the other two ice cream offerings. Though it has the same smooth vanilla base, the boba pearls, caramel and coconut do not combine well together, as they all add too much of a sugary taste. Boba is made for drinks, not ice cream. The pearls were frozen and too chewy when combined with the creamy vanilla base. This odd addition threw off the consistency of the dessert and was even worse when caramel covered the pearl. It felt like World Wrapps added the boba to be original, not because it tasted good. On the other hand, the coconut shreds added a sugary, tropical taste and a smooth texture. This matched perfectly with the caramel, as both are high-quality toppings that taste exquisite with vanilla ice cream. Overall, the flavors alone are good, but not a combo that excites taste buds. If World Wrapps excluded the boba and added some fresh fruit or chocolate sauce, this ice cream could be a 5/5.

Hawaiian Chocolate Macadamia: 5/5

Hawaiian Chocolate Macadamia ice cream reminds you of flying to paradise.

I was reminded of a tropical day in Hawaii while eating the Hawaiian Chocolate Macadamia ice cream. With freshly diced strawberry and pineapple toppings added to the vanilla base, you can even say that you are eating healthy! Chocolate sauce, macadamia nuts and a mint leaf garnish the ice cream, making it beautiful and delicious. With a wide variety of flavors, the cup is evenly balanced, and each topping can be tasted with every bite. The mint leaf produces a fresh and lingering taste. The chocolate sauce is sweet yet rich and creates a unique taste that allows the ice cream to not be overpowered with the flavor of vanilla. The macadamia nuts add to the Hawaiian feel, but there are not really enough to taste them. Although they are mentioned in the name, the macadamia taste was faint and left me a little disappointed. Despite this, the ice cream is phenomenal. It has a great balance of different tropical flavors and is definitely worth the money.

Although all three ice creams possess flaws, the overall flavors are exquisite and serving sizes are large. I would highly recommend them on hot days, as they are of higher quality than many store-bought ice creams. What better way to support our local World Wrapps than enjoying a cold, sweet treat.