Social distancing is boring for everybody: here are the top activities to make the best of your time at home


Ella Stoterau

Quarantine like a pro with these ideas.

Ella Stoterau

Deprived of vital social interactions and left without a sense of routine, teenagers are especially impacted by the global pandemic. Nearly all daily experiences of high schoolers have been disrupted, leaving teens reminiscent of the time before school closure and shelter-in-place orders. The self-isolation is not ideal for anyone, but here are the best activities to do to keep from going stir crazy.

Reconnect with others while doing schoolwork. Photo Credit to Addie Stoterau.

Virtually visit with friends

Socializing from a distance is one of the most important activities to do while in self-isolation. Stay connected with the people you are used to seeing daily, and even connect with someone you have not talked to in a while. Chances are they are having as rough of a time as you are, so you can get through this together. In light of Covid-19, video communication has become increasingly accessible with platforms like Zoom, Facetime, or Google Meet which are free to all users. Go call up a friend!

The picturesque views from Ring Mountain, a perfect place to hike if you live nearby.

Spend time outside

According to experts, exercise is one of the top ways to boost your mood and is extremely important in these times. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) stated in a study that exercising regularly reduces one’s chance of having depression or anxiety by 25 percent. Go for a hike, bike ride, or walk your dog around the block to get some vitamin D. Balancing your time between the two different environments will help time indoors be more enjoyable, and you will not feel trapped inside your house.

Find a new Netflix series to watch

Netflix is the perfect way to make long days seem much shorter. Absorbed in the romance of Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl or peering through the crack of your fingers as you watch Stranger Things, time can fly by as you play episode after episode. Netflix can also help to distract you from the stressful Covid-19 news cycle. While news can provide helpful information, reading every article will only result in increased anxiety. If you are looking for an even bigger escape, watch with friends! You can download the Netflix Watch Party extension free on Google Chrome and binge popular series like Tiger King, The Office, or Grey’s Anatomy with friends as if you were all together.

Don’t let your school work get ahead of you, stay on track with a planner. Photo Credit to Addie Stoterau.

Pamper yourself

Paint your nails, put on a face mask, take a shower! Keep yourself feeling happy and healthy. Do not fall into a cycle of not showering or brushing your teeth. Also, keep your mind off Covid-19 by trying to keep to a productive schedule. This will provide a sense routine, lower your stress levels, and allow you to complete all your work schoolwork in a timely manner! Let yourself relax by eliminating stress inducing habits and involve yourself in at-home activities that boost your mental health. 

Give back

Everyone is going through the same cycle of fear and panic, but consider those in a worse situation and whose lives have been drastically changed to the pandemic’s impact. Call your grandparents or a struggling family friend, write letters to those quarantined in the hospital, or bring canned food to the food pantry. If we come together, we can get through this! Some organizations that are in need of volunteer aid currently are the San Francisco-Marin food bank, North Marin Community Services, and GLIDE.

During these challenging times, staying inside is one of the greatest ways to help. It is all of our jobs to do our part to flatten the curve. Use these solutions to keep the boredom away, and stay home!