‘Frozen 2 melts’ the hearts of viewers

Emma Lightfoot

“Frozen 2” hit theaters on Nov. 22, just in time for families celebrating Thanksgiving to come together and watch the second production of the highly anticipated Disney phenomenon. Due to the immediate success of “Frozen” after its release six years ago, “Frozen 2” was expected to continue to grow upon the ending of the first film. Though “Frozen 2” did not recapture the same essence as the original movie did, the sequel provides a new journey full of mystery and magic.

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney
Anna, Kristoff and Elsa travel into the enchanted forest, wondering what lies beyond the fog.

The film starts off in the past of the two main characters, Queen Elsa and Princess Anna of Arendelle. The film opens to the young versions of Elsa and Anna pretending to play in the snow. Soon the two sisters are accompanied by their late parents who tell them a story from their father’s childhood in an enchanted forest. The story explains the family’s past, which had been a secret to viewers in the prior movie, and introduces the melodic voice that haunts Elsa in present day. As Elsa hears this voice, she believes that it is calling her and trying to tell her something. This sends Elsa, her sister and her friends on a journey to learn more about her powers, just like in the original film. The addition of the family history was very enjoyable to watch, as it brought an entirely new storyline into the film, complicating the plot and intensifying the journey. 

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney
Young Elsa and Anna listen to the story of the enchanted forest during the beginning of the film.

The group of characters that tagged along Elsa and Anna’s journey in the first film played a huge role in why the original was so successful. As a result, the group of characters that came back in “Frozen 2” had to contribute different elements that they had not before. Characters including Kristoff, Sven and Olaf are featured in this film and provide a new spirit, as they are all in different stages of life.   

Throughout the film, the soundtrack, complete with seven new songs, intensifies the characters’ emotions and expresses their true feelings. In the beginning of the movie, a song performed by all of the characters called “Some Things Never Change” presents the different emotional states of each character and gives the audience context. Other songs provide a deeper look into the inner battles that each character faces. One song, “When I Am Older,” focuses on Olaf, who wants to make sense of his life, which he believes can only be done when he is older. In the song, “Into the Unknown,” Elsa explores the idea of the unknown by embracing its inconclusive outcomes.

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney
Elsa looks to the sky in wonder while singing the opening song, “Some Things Never Change.”

Though the film’s music was one of the best aspects of the sequel, another aspect that did not decline was the role of comedy. The film handles some serious topics, including family issues, acceptance and separation, which of course have been “Disney-fied” but still is heavy material for younger viewers. Because of this, it was important that “Frozen 2” had a sufficient amount of comedy that would balance out the seriousness of the film. Though all characters possess comedic traits, Olaf the snowman is the main comedic relief in the film. From his hilarious catchphrases to his funny voices, Olaf gives the humor needed in the sad and serious scenes.

Though it was hard for “Frozen 2” to recapture the same quality of the first film, it is difficult for any sequel to live up to its original movie. However, overall, “Frozen 2” provided a lighthearted approach to somewhat heavy material, while keeping audience interest with a new journey. In addition to the movie continuing it’s fun approach to the story, the soundtrack and new plot lines delivered a surprise to fans. The love and magic from Elsa, Anna, Kristof, Sven and Olaf was enough to warm the hearts of both children and adults.