Celebrate good times with these five graduation gifts


Alix Salzer

As the school year is coming to a close, projects are being handed in and finals are on the horizon. As the graduating seniors decorate their caps and robes, their school year seems to be over, but their friends and family have one more task: finding a graduation gift. In order to make this daunting undertaking easier, here are five graduation gifts that could be perfect for your senior.



While a senior may participate in various activities, such as sports or internships, which take them to new places throughout their time as a student, being at school for nine and a half months does not allow much extra time for travel. Now, with the rest of their lives at their fingertips, traveling could give these seniors a break from responsibilities before moving forward with their future. This trip does not have to be exotic. Even traveling a few hours northeast to Tahoe or a few hours south to Santa Cruz or L.A. could turn into the trip of a lifetime or serve as valuable family time. Besides just time with the family, this trip could also be spent with friends. One last chance to spend time with the people who have been closest to the graduate can provide a meaningful farewell. Of course, a trip is a large commitment, and funding it alone can be difficult. However, because travel can often be expensive, it is a great way to include multiple relatives or friends in one gift. A vacation would be a great opportunity to spend time with family before moving away, or to bolster their independence as a solo trip.


Next Step Supplies

Of course, life does not end after graduation. After high school, seniors will be stepping into the next chapter of their lives. Whether that be college, a gap year, the military or any other path, the students will be taking life in a different direction, requiring new items to aid them along the way. If your senior is going to college directly after high school, dorm decorations like tapestries and lights can make a great gift. If they are moving onto a gap year or to the military, travel supplies like a sturdy backpack or new clothes is a practical gift, especially if they are moving to an area with a different climate. Taking those staying in Marin to new places in the county that they have not been to before, or exploring different activities can show them that there are always new things to do right here at home. This can allow them to find new interests within the community that they may want to pursue in the coming months. Getting students a tribute to their future is an excellent way to show the graduating senior that you support the next step they are taking, and it will keep them thinking of you in the following stage of their life.


Personalized gifts

Not every gift must have a high monetary value. Even a simple, yet well thought-out gift can constitute a powerful present. This can be exemplified by making the senior a basket full of their favorite things, such as references to inside jokes, their favorite sweets or even a thoughtful card. Creating a memory box full of pictures and mementos can be an emotional ride through the past, and is a great way to show someone that you care about them. Creating a unique gift can be symbolic of the experiences you have shared and is a perfect present for anyone saying goodbye to a senior. Whether it be a parent, sibling or friend, a loving and heart-felt gift always has value.



Still wondering what to get your senior? One of the most traditional gifts for graduation is money. After high school, the idea of living on one’s own can seem overwhelming, but having some extra income to cushion the transition can be a great relief. It is also a nice way to say, “Congrats on making it through high school; you did it!” While it is not the most personalized gift, money is always beneficial to young adults and can provide them with the opportunity to do or buy things they may need in the near future. This makes the perfect gift for anyone with a more distant relationship to the graduating senior or even for anyone who thinks that the graduate would benefit from it.


Generational Gift

Gifting your senior with a generational gift can signify the next step into adulthood, especially if the item comes with a history of being passed down in the family. This can be jewelry, watches or any important heirloom. Those without a familial gift to pass on can easily substitute an important item that can later turn into long term family memorabilia. Not only are these a significant and sentimental gift for the young grad, but it shows a new level of respect by showing that they are worthy of being the sole owner of this special item.