Gym Showdown: The Review


Bay Club room for Biking. (Photo courtesy of Bay Club.)

Lucy Macpherson

Many Redwood students are devoted to working out, and to the gym they belong to. But have you ever wondered which one is truly the best in Marin? Each gym will be reviewed based on affordability, cleanliness, staff and unique features to determine which is the best in Marin.  


Bay Club:

The moment I stepped through the door at Bay Club, I was instantly impressed. The gym is incomparably clean with a full janitorial staff and a rotation of staff members spiffing up the gym every 15 minutes; everything sparkles. The building has a high view of Marin’s landscape in their hallways — major kudos to janitorial staff cleaning the windows, as they were crystal clear. However, when I stepped into the elevator, the smell of pool chlorine haunted the air. The staff members are all incredibly patient and proactive in helping customers. The only major blunder to Bay Clubs review is how expensive their memberships are. With single site memberships exceeding 200 dollars, Bay Club is too pricey for a majority of students at Redwood. 

Affordability: 2/10

Cleanliness: 8/10

Unique features: 10/10

Friendliness of staff: 8/10 TOTAL 28/40

Five Points Fitness:

By far what impressed me most about Five Point Fitness was the machines. Swimming in a sea of machines, there are machines that I have never seen before with duplicates, so I assume that you’ll never have to wait for a specific one at Five Points. Never having to muster up the courage to ask somebody how many sets they have left is definitely a major plus. Five Points Fitness is affordable; with a year long membership for students being just under 60 dollars. The only issue I have with buying a membership at Five Points is how difficult it is to understand their plans. With 15 different plans, buying a membership can be fairly overwhelming. 

Affordability 8/10

Cleanliness: 7/10

Unique features: 7.5/10

Friendliness of staff: 8/10 TOTAL 30.5/40

SF Fitness

SF Fitness is a standard, great gym. It is considerably affordable, and still has a great facility and gym space. SF Fitness has three plans, and is 69 dollars a month for all single site members. SF Fitness appeals to those who are looking to spend a little less money for their gym experience, but still supplies a full gym area with locker room, machines and an entire outside area. The inside gym area is rather clean, though it mostly relies on the honor system that members will clean a machine after they use it. The outside area, however, is less pleasant. Machines are splattered in rust, though this is expected. The staff are reasonably friendly, and for the most part considerably “chill.” SF Fitness is unique in the community it has created. With it being the gym with the most members in Marin, it  has an incredibly friendly and positive community of both students and adults. Considering its close proximity to Redwood, many students spend their time at SF Fitness.

Affordability: 8/10

Cleanliness: 7/10

Unique features: 6/10

Friendliness of staff: 6/10

BONUS: Community: 4/5 TOTAL: 31/45

Every gym has something to offer to students at Redwood. It depends on what you prioritize; each has different but incredible features. With that being said, the winner for this gym showdown  is SF Fitness with an overall score of 31.