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Utopia or Dystopia? The hidden history of Bay Area cults
Utopia or Dystopia? The hidden history of Bay Area cults
Linnea Koblik and Tallulah Knill AllenJuly 12, 2024

Silhouetted against the sweeping landscapes of the Bay and the Marin Headlands, the Bay Area is well known for its position in the counterculture...

Public protests and perspectives
Public protests and perspectives
Ava Stephens, Gabriella Rouas, Aanika Sawhney, Nadia Massoumi and Grace GehrmanJune 29, 2024

Reflejando otra vez con los ELD seniors
Reflejando otra vez con los ELD seniors
Ava CarlsonJune 27, 2024

El año pasado, tuve la oportunidad de hablar con estudiantes del grado 12 en la clase de English Language Development (ELD) sobre sus experiencias...

Where to shop for your dorm essentials

Leaving for college is naturally stressful, and dorm shopping can add to this burden. However, making your dorm room feel more like a home than an ordinary dormitory will significantly help you settle into freshman year. Here’s what I found as the best options for buying dorm essentials:


Pottery Barn: 

Pottery Barn offers a balance between high and low-priced items. It’s easy to cross everything off your shopping list with the brand’s curated checklist, personalized accessories for an at-home feel and decorative storage options. Beyond browsing by category on their website, you can shop directly from the brand’s Instagram to see how their products look and function in dorms. I found that Pottery Barn is best for room decor; their website provides images of what each item would look like in a room, which is a perfect way to pick out the right style. They have a wide variety of aesthetic options that are small in size and would fit perfectly in the tight space that most dorm rooms are. 



Presenting arguably the widest array of dorm-friendly items, Target is the place we think of when we need something fast. With over 1,900 locations nationwide and a robust online shopping platform, Target is the most accessible store on this list. Target stands out as the premier destination for dorm shopping due to its variety of stylish, affordable, high-quality products, excellent customer service and convenience. On their website, you can shop for dorm necessities where they have anything you could imagine. The best thing I found was their dorm bedding, where you can find deals on whole bed sets, mattresses and sheets. The low prices make Target a top contender for dorm essentials.


The Container Store:

 At The Container Store, you can find everything you need to stay tidy and organized to optimize a tight dorm space. You can shop for bedding and trendy accessories as well as all your storage needs, from stackable bins to hooks to shoe racks. There are also plenty of affordable freestanding storage options in various dimensions so that you can customize your space on a dime in a dorm-friendly way. The Container Store also provides a step-by-step guide to organizing your dorm room with links to all necessary products. This is the best store for storage essentials.

With all this in mind, I have concluded the overall rankings for each store. The rank is based on price and convenience. Number one is the reliable Target. Target has many locations worldwide, making it the most convenient and practical for most people. Target also provides many dorm essential options like bedding, furniture and storage pieces that are all price friendly. Coming in at number two is The Container Store. The store offers mainly storage options of all shapes and sizes to fit perfectly in your tiny dorm space. The price at The Container Store is not too expensive, and the quality of the items is excellent. The Container Store also doesn’t have nearly as many locations as Target and, therefore, is placed second. Last and definitely least is Pottery Barn. This comes in third because the quality is lower while the price of the items is very high. Although you can find many dorm essentials here, the expense drives most people away. While, like the start of college, dorm shopping can be very stressful, hopefully, this list gives you somewhere to start. 

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