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Classroom Fuel: Which Energy Drink Reigns Supreme?

In recent years, high school student’s reliance on caffeine has noticeably increased. Whether for an energy boost for long study sessions or simply succumbing to the caffeine craze, consumption among students has become nearly universal. With no signs of caffeine disappearing from students’ lives anytime soon, reviewing some of the most popular caffeinated drinks seems fitting.


Guayaki –  5/5

Guayaki beverages, specifically the Enlighten Mint flavor, offer a refreshing take on the energy drink scene using organic yerba mate, while blending peppermint with just a hint of honey for a unique flavor. Guayaki, which is a brand that produces Yerba Mate tea, sits at 150mg of caffeine per serving. The drink provides a light energy boost without jitters or crashes which are sometimes associated with higher caffeine doses. Compared to other caffeinated beverages on the market, Guayaki can be seen as the healthier option despite its high sugar content because it uses all-natural organic ingredients with no artificial additives. When cracking open a can, the mint attracts the taste buds, offering a refreshing experience with each sip. The lightness of the flavor goes along with the energizing effect, making it a great choice for those seeking a pick-me-up. The price point, however, is a significant drawback, with beverages typically retailing at $3.99 per can, which over time can lead to tons of money spent. 

Celsius – 4/5

The Sparkling Orange flavor sold by Celsius offers a pleasant mix of citrusy sweetness, which provides a modern twist on a classic taste. Each sip has the potential to remind someone of their favorite childhood orange drinks, such as SunnyD. The drink is enjoyable and balanced but not too sweet or overwhelming. It contains a caffeine content of 200mg, which is the perfect boost for some, but for others, it could be a bit over the top, making one feel jittery and anxious. However, the flavor simplicity is disappointing and could be improved with a slightly more robust orange flavor. Despite this, it’s a good option for those who love orange-flavored beverages. Despite the simple flavor, Celsius’s price point is a huge benefit, sitting at $1.67. This drink is a Celsius brand staple and deserves a try. 

Red Bull – 2/5 

Red Bull’s energy drink was the most unimpressive of the bunch. Its strong taste is overly sweet and artificial, making it unenjoyable. While I did notice the drink’s quick boost in energy–stemming from the 111 mg of caffeine– the effect is short-lived and often followed by a noticeable crash, creating fatigue. The high sugar content and artificial additives contribute to unpleasant flavor and could cause health concerns in the long run. Despite Red Bull being iconic and one of the original energy drinks, it falls short in delivering satisfaction. 

In the end, all three of these caffeinated beverages could serve the same purpose: fulfilling your caffeine craze. However, it’s noteworthy to understand the risks and benefits of caffeine. Nevertheless, you cannot go wrong with a little energy boost.

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