Feel like royal(tea) at Teaspoon in Town Center

Sarah Goody

With its easily accessible location in Town Center, Teaspoon is already a popular destination for students. The boba store opened in September and employs students as boba baristas, brewing colorful, flavorful drinks. Boba, also known as bubble tea, is a drink that originated in Taiwan and was made popular for its tapioca or fruit flavored pearls. To provide an accurate and helpful review of Teaspoon, I followed the BobaBasics.com “boba rating system,” which was curated by boba connoisseurs around the world. This system provides criteria for texture, flavor, drink-to-boba ratio and appearance. Taking this criteria into consideration, I judged three of Teaspoon’s most popular drinks.

House Milk Tea: 8/10

It wouldn’t be a proper boba review without a review of the original House Milk Tea. Silky and sweet, this classic drink is a quintessential representation of boba tea. A light brown tint clouded by black boba balls creates an inviting and appetizing beverage. This drink comes with the honey boba, which are the standard tapioca pearls found in bubble tea. The honey boba has a chewy consistency that sits well in the mouth and a sweetness of honey that melts on the tongue. The overall drink-to-boba ratio is satisfactory, with a generous helping of the boba pearls, and the bitterness of the black tea is subtle and pairs well with the sweetness of the milk. Customers have the option of choosing their own sweetness and creamer, allowing boba connoisseurs to customize to their own preferences. It is hard to go wrong with this option because of its delicious flavors and classic boba taste.

Silky Mango: 6/10

If you love sweet, tropical drinks then the Silky Mango tea is for you! At first taste, I felt like I was drinking a mango hi-chew in liquid form. The bright orange color invites customers in for an interesting and sugary drink. While enjoyable for a few sips, the sweet, acidic flavor got slightly sickening over time. However, the silky mango boba may be appealing to those who enjoy stronger fruity flavors, as the drink delivers a powerful taste of mango. The silky mango comes with the honey boba included for no additional price, which creates a higher appeal as not all drinks come with complimentary tapioca pearls. The boba-to-drink ratio was perfect, and each sip was followed by the chewy honey boba. The honey taste added to the overall sugariness of the tea and while I wouldn’t be able to finish this drink on my own due to its overpowering sweetness, it was an interesting spin to my favorite fruit.  

Taro Lover: 9/10

The taro plant, which is recognized by its deep purple color, makes for an exciting and unique drink. Native to Southeast Asia, the vegetable is harvested and the starchy inside is cooked in dishes or eaten plain. The buttery taste of the taro perfectly compliments the creaminess of the milk, leaving a smooth aftertaste on the palate. While the flavor can be hard to distinguish for those who haven’t tried taro before, it is definitely a quirky and delicious flavor combination. The Taro Lover comes with taro chunks, which have a grainy texture and dissolve on the tongue. While I did not add tapioca pearls to this drink, in the future I would opt for the honey boba or one of the 20 drink toppings available to add. The drink toppings range from lychee jelly to almond pudding and are just a 75 cent charge for all drinks. 

Additionally, the staff are very friendly and contribute to a cozy and aesthetic atmosphere within the shop. Fall decorations and bright neon lights foster a bright, modern environment that makes for a great hangout or study spot. The employees even surveyed customers for their favorite music and played songs requested by guests. Considering the proximity of the store and the friendly atmosphere, it is not surprising to see students already exploring the extensive drink menu. Whether you are a boba fanatic or have yet to hop on the trend, you will definitely find something to like about Teaspoon.

Totaling at about $6.50 a drink, Teaspoon is a fairly affordable and delicious after school treat to have with friends.