Fantasy fashion league: spending on the trending

Natalie Welch

Courtesy of Livy Seldon. This spring funky-patterned pants like these are trending


Fashion trends continuously bounce in and out of style. This year’s spring fashion is filled with funky patterned pants, halter tops, Hawaiian print, and crochet everything. However, before you renew your wardrobe for this season, consider if it is really worth it. Are they appropriate for school? Do they follow the dress code? And most importantly, are they really that stylish?

In alignment with the chaos of this year, crazy patterned pants are in— if you can name it, this season has it! However, it can be hard to identify which patterns are trendy, and which are unfashionable. According to BrunetteOnWallStreet Fashion Magazine, zebra print was the number one pattern in 2020, which means it is out for 2021. Animal prints are always clawing their way back in style, but this year, go for softer pastel prints. In terms of functionality and dress code, they check all boxes. As long as it’s bought from stores with sustainable fabric, these pants are perfect for all occasions. When looking for a top to pair with your pants, halter tops are the answer. 

  Halter tops made their first appearance in the 1960s, and they tend to emerge every so often. This spring they have become tremendously popular. Sadly, these tops may not be suitable for school. Redwood’s dress code says, “short-cropped low-cut tops that exposes stomach or chest aren’t appropriate.” While it is possible to find a longer halter top, most are cropped and deep cut. Despite the conflict, wearing one while hanging out with friends is still a great option. Halter tops are stylish pieces that are necessary for this spring.

Do not be alarmed that Hawaiian print is back in style because let’s be honest, when was it ever out? We all have a Hawaiian print shirt we bought from the airport gift shop on our way to Hawaii, dig that shirt out from the closet. As long as the dress code is followed, these are perfect for a hot day at school. Tie the shirt in the front to make it more fitted. Wear it open with a tank top under or if it’s oversized, wear it as a dress and it’ll feel like Hawaii. Sort of.

By far, the most unique trend this spring is crochet clothes. This trend combines all of the other popular trends, whether it’s making funky patterned pants with crochet material, or creating halter tops, crocheting is beginning to hold a high reputation in the fashion industry. The tricky part about crocheting is functionality. It may not be appropriate for school, since there are many small holes that can potentially show too much skin. If you can successfully make it yourself or buy it from a place like Depop, it is a staple.

Fashion trends are interchanging, and it is hard to determine which are going to last. It is important to wear what makes you feel confident because that’s the whole point of fashion. Remember to think about functionality– make sure they are okay to wear to school, and do not forget to make sure it is in season. Since we did not get to showcase last year’s fashion due to covid, we better make this season unforgettable.