Reflect and relive a year in the life through these personal and easy activities

Libby Hughes

2020, without a doubt, has been one of the most unforgettable years, filled with political and civil unrest and a worldwide pandemic. Recording these kinds of events has become more important than ever this year. By creating content about our experiences, we can look back and remember the past, so let’s start documenting 2021! Here are some affordable ways to commemorate your year.

One second a day app – Free!

In a generation that revolves around digital interaction, photo and video content have become overwhelmingly popular when it comes to looking back on our memories. One great way to keep track is by using second-a-day apps to keep digital video journals. These videos capture brief moments of your day and come together to create a personal record of your year. Serving as an enjoyable way to reflect on the past, these

 apps are also good motivation to keep yourself busy and active. One of the most engaging second-a-day apps is “1 Second Everyday: Video Diary.” Along with other similar apps, it is often difficult to keep up and take videos every day. With “Video Diary,” keeping on track is effortless through the use of daily reminders built into the app. “Video Diary” is free and is easy to understand and navigate. Plus, it includes a calendar that helps users upload videos in a simple way. I highly recommend this app to anyone who loves recording content and creating memorable video and photo projects.

Playlist of the month – Free or premium subscription $4.99 – $9.99

Streaming songs has become a huge part of how we spend our time, especially now that social distancing has halted our usual activities like going to concerts and movie theaters. Online music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube and Pandora are a great way to refine your music taste. By making monthly playlists based on new music, you can discover new genres and artists. Labeling playlists and organizing them by genre is an interesting way to see how your taste in music has changed over time and connect with people through similar interests. Rotating through the same few songs can be boring and repetitive, but making playlists based on the time of the year can bring back memories tied to certain songs. This activity is an entertaining way to look back on the year through a musical lens and see the large influence of pop culture.

Disposable cameras and scrapbooking – $15 – $20

Courtesy of enzoabramo

As Taylor Swift said in her second surprise album of 2020, “I come back stronger than a ‘90s trend.” This famous saying certainly applies to the resurgence of disposable cameras which were popular in the 1990s. They take grainy and nostalgic photos with an authentic feel, which has been sought after by Gen Z. Pitching in with a group of friends and buying cameras is a fun way to commemorate memories of this year. Even better, buy a blank notebook and scrapbook all of your experience into your very own DIY photo album. You can purchase notebooks and disposable cameras locally at Urban Outfitters, CVS, Target and Rite Aid. If you’re looking for a way to develop film professionally, check out the online photo lab, The Dark Room, which has been developing film for over 40 years. This company lets you order cameras and will develop prints and film for you in a quick fashion that will keep you wanting to develop roll after roll of film.

Capturing even the smallest details of the year can result in everlasting memories. So as the new year begins, use these creative and fun projects to start your year on a positive note and record your travels, friendships and thoughts in a hassle free and interactive way.