Are these latest celebrity-created products worth the hype?

Avery Aguero

As the popularity of today’s famous celebrities and social media influencers grow, more and more of these influencers are releasing their own unique products. Currently, several stores and fast food chains offer a handful of attractive items created by celebrities and their marketing teams, but are any of them really worth what these celebrities make them out to be? Below is a comprehensive review of the top celebrity products available right now. 


The Charli drink at Dunkin’ Donuts, 3/5:

On Sept. 2, Charli D’Amelio, a 16-year-old TikTok star with over 90 million followers, debuted her new coffee drink at Dunkin’ Donuts. D’Amelio rose to fame back in 2019 when she began making dance videos on the popular social media app TikTok. She quickly became a social media sensation and currently has the most followers on the app. For months, D’Amelio’s frequent unsponsored Dunkin’ shoutouts on her TikTok demonstrated her love for their coffee, and now their partnership is finally official. The Charli drink, based off of the star’s go-to order, is a combination of Dunkin’ Donuts’ classic cold brew, whole milk and three pumps of caramel flavoring, priced at $3.19 for a medium sized cup. 

After ordering the Charli drink from the closest Dunkin’ Donuts location in South San Francisco, I was left with mixed feelings. As an iced coffee lover myself, I appreciated the strong flavor profile of the cold brew, but it was basic and underwhelming. I anticipated the Charli drink would taste extremely sweet from the caramel syrup, but the bitterness from the coffee was overwhelming. Considering how standard the ingredients were, I could have made the same coffee at home for far less so if you are looking to elevate your taste buds, I do not recommend purchasing the Charli drink. 


The Ideal Planner, 5/5

Emma Chamberlain’s newest creation, The Ideal Planner, has everything you need to get your life organized and keep it that way. The 19-year-old social media influencer, fashion icon and YouTube star with over 9.5 million subscribers swears by planners to help her stay organized and productive every day. With high quality stationary and a durable hardcover, there is no denying that this planner is well made. Along with Chamberlain’s unique abstract cover art, The Ideal Planner includes self-reflective journal pages, custom mood boards, games, puzzles and quirky messages, which made my organizational experience far from boring. 

Staying organized for this school year, The Ideal Planner was released just in time for students who want to boost their organization skills (Image courtesy of Gallery Books)

Unlike most planners on the market, The Ideal Planner is undated, allowing you to use it at any time, regardless of the month or year. You can find Chamberlain’s planner online or in stores such as Target, Walmart and Barnes & Noble for $30. The Ideal Planner certainly lives up to its name and is definitely worth spending the extra cash. 


The Travis Scott Burger, 3/5:

The world famous rapper and music producer Travis Scott recently collaborated with McDonald’s to release the Travis Scott Burger this past September. For just $6, you can get a quarter pound cheeseburger with shredded lettuce, bacon, pickles, onions, ketchup and mustard, plus fries and a Sprite to complete the meal if you choose. 

‘It’s lit,’ as Travis Scott might say in reference to his new meal now available at McDonald’s (Avery Aguero)

As a big fan of Scott, I was excited to try the rapper’s signature meal to see what all the rave was about. While I was disappointed by the thin and dry burger, the crunchy lettuce, smokey bacon and salty pickles made up for the lack of flavor in the patty. Personally, I am not a huge fan of McDonald’s, but you get a solid deal with the Travis Scott Burger. It is no Super Duper burger or Double-Double from In-N-Out, but for $6, it is pretty decent.