Mxmtoon’s latest EP ‘dusk’ brings her one step closer towards the mainstream music scene

Caroline Scharf

Releasing her second EP of the year, Mxmtoons new EP titled “dusk.” was released Oct. 2.

Known for her hit song “prom dress” on TikTok, which currently has over 90 million streams on Spotify, Mxmtoon has since been releasing new music that appeals to both the indie-pop world and her TikTok following of around 2.2 million. Her latest Extended Play Record (EP) “dusk” is a step forward into the more mainstream music world because of its catchy lyrics and infectious beat.

While she has achieved major success from songs that have gone viral online, Mxmtoon has been working towards making a name for herself outside of these social media platforms. The main question surrounding her latest EP was whether it proved her music has the potential to do this.

 Released Oct.1, “dusk” is a follow up album to her previous EP “dawn”, which was released April 22, 2020. Unlike “dawn”, Mxmtoon takes a more muted and quiet approach to her music composition in “dusk”. Her singing is soft and melodic, and her instrumentation features delicate piano notes and soft ukulele chords. The electro beats are also reminiscent of other popular indie artists, such as Wallows and Conan Gray. 

With a following of 2.2 million on TikTok, Mxmtoon is a prominent figure online.

The opening track and single “bon iver” lays down the foundation of the EP as serene and reflective. A reference to the indie folk band Bon Iver, her song tackles the idea that the world doesn’t end when the sun goes down and that life continues into dusk. Her references to Bon Iver in her verses help create a distinct visual throughout the listening time.  It also p

roduces a rather catchy rhyme as she sings,“Playing Bon Iver on late night drives. My window, moon, and fireflies. Holding onto moments that we found”.


As the tracks continue, feelings of isolation and introspection take center stage. These themes stand out on tracks “wallflower” and “ok on your own,” featuring pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen. Both songs are accentuated by soft piano chords and whispery singing, which contribute to the feeling of being subdued. In “ok on your own” Jepsen sings in the same mellow tone as Mxmtoon, and while this contributes to its repetitiveness, it keeps the EP stylistically consistent.

Jepsen’s feature on Mxmtoon’s EP highlights her new music connections. Jepsen is  widely known in the music industry for her hit songs about both love and loneliness. Personally relating to those same themes, Mxmtoon was eager to collaborate with her. In addition to Jepsen’s musical strength, her feature has proven to be successful on streaming sites as well. Her song with Jepsen has gotten over 2 million streams so far. 

Continuing to release music has been consistent for Mxmtoon even after releasing her major hit on TikTok.

Another theme that is present in the EP is the feeling of desperately wanting to be with someone. In “myrtle ave.”, while the piano chords in the beginning of the song can feel somber, the tempo picks up later in the track. Her lyrics are also extremely heartfelt as she sings about relatable topics such as needing the love of another person. She sings,“Our tiny little world that could just disappear. Outside there’s chaos and confusion can we stay right here”. Her desire for close connections continues into her next track “asking for a friend”, which is a slow melancholy song that easily gets stuck in your head with its simplistic chorus that is easy to learn and sing along to.

While not as peppy as her previous releases, “dusk” shows Mxmtoon’s ability to create subdued music that compliments her reflective lyrics. While it might take some time for her name to be as well known as other indie artists like Clairo, she is definitely on her way to making a name for herself outside of the TikTok sphere.