Fro-Yo, these are the best places to go!

Audrey Lightfoot

As the spring season approaches and the weather starts to heat up, the need for a cold, sweet treat becomes pressing. Marin has a plethora of frozen yogurt shops, but which one is best? Below is my list of the top frozen yogurt places in Marin on a five-star scale.


The mocha chip frozen yogurt from Loving Cup is built with a chocolate base blended with ground espresso and bittersweet chocolate chips.

Loving Cup 5/5: With a wide variety of unique frozen yogurt flavors and rice puddings, Loving Cup has the perfect option for everyone. It has multiple locations around the Bay Area, including several stores in San Francisco and one in Greenbrae’s Bon Air shopping center. At Loving Cup, customers have the option of creating their own yogurt by choosing a chocolate, vanilla or non-dairy yogurt base and then adding their own mix-ins of any topping of their choosing or trying one of the store’s original combinations. The array of delicious frozen yogurt concoctions include flavors such as “Thin Mint,” “Strawberry Shortcake” and “Peanut Butter Cup.” I got the “Mocha Chip” yogurt, which included a chocolate base blended with ground espresso and bittersweet chocolate chips. This combination of flavors was sensational. In addition to the “Mocha Chip,” I also tried the “Salty Dog,” which had a sweet and salty mixture of vanilla with house-made salted caramel and pretzels. Neither of these yogurts fell short on mouthwatering flavors.  


Swirl’s chocolate and vanilla yogurt is topped with snow caps and rainbow sprinkles.


Swirl 4/5:  Swirl Frozen Yogurt, located in Mill Valley, is sure to have the perfect treat to satisfy your sweet tooth. Swirl is a self-serve yogurt store with flavors that rotate every few weeks. On my visit, the most enticing flavors included cake batter, red velvet, fresh strawberry, chocolate sorbet and watermelon sorbet. In addition to the extensive choices of yogurt, there are also a vast number of toppings. I tried the classic chocolate and vanilla swirl with chocolate chips, snow caps and rainbow sprinkles on top. The yogurt was delightfully creamy and rich, but left me feeling surprisingly light afterward. I also tried the cookies and cream yogurt, which was sweet and had a nice crunch from the cookies. This yogurt was similar to a milkshake, as it was thick and velvety, which I personally enjoyed. 


The shamrock shake yogurt from Easy Breezy is delicious when topped with chocolate chips and brownie bites.




Easy Breezy 4/5: The new frozen yogurt shop that everyone is raving about is Easy Breezy. It is located in Corte Madera’s Town Center and has been open as of February of this year. Easy Breezy is a self-serve yogurt store with a multitude of rotating flavors including chocolate milk, vanilla bean, choc-dipped banana, vanilla custard and shamrock shake. Many of these options are non-fat, organic and even vegan, made using a coconut milk base. The healthy options are very appealing for customers, especially in Marin as many citizens in the county tend to be more focused on health and diets. It is also extremely beneficial for vegan customers who want an accessible dessert that works with their diet. I tried the non-fat, organic shamrock shake yogurt. Although it was refreshing, it lacked the strong mint taste I was expecting. 


The inside of Mag’s has a large variety of toppings and yogurt flavors.

Mag’s Local Yogurt 3/5: Only a fifteen-minute walk from Redwood, Mag’s Local Yogurt is a popular choice among students. They have welcoming staff, which consists of many Redwood students, as well as tasty yogurt options. The flavors vary, but standout flavors included chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, pecan praline, and berry acai sorbet. I tried the cake batter yogurt topped with chocolate chips, which was sweet and enjoyable. I would definitely recommend the cake batter yogurt to anyone who likes a sweet, buttery taste. Mag’s Local Yogurt is a great choice for students as it is less than a mile away and they have delicious options for a sweet treat.