Mill Valley’s new restaurant Hook Fish Co. reels in customers

Audrey Lightfoot

Just off Shoreline Highway in Mill Valley is Marin’s well-known surfer hub, Proof Lab. Proof Lab is known for their store that sells a variety of clothes and items for adventurous outdoor activities, such as surfing and skating. In addition to the store, Proof Lab is now offering a new restaurant, which puts a sophisticated twist on traditional surf and turf. 

Sitting on the table are delicious appetizers of the guacamole and the poke.

Hook Fish Co. opened their first store in San Francisco and expanded to Mill Valley as of Nov. 10. The restaurant has a laid back, positive atmosphere. Hook Fish Co. in Mill Valley has both an indoor bar as well as a gated outdoor beer garden. The area has a modern feel and is decorated with driftwood accents to bring in aspects of the ocean.


One of the most popular dishes at Hook Fish Co. are the tacos. There’s a wide selection of fish for the tacos. As I scanned the plentiful options of fish for my taco, I decided on the halibut. The tacos were served on a homemade corn tortilla and were topped with avocado, pico de gallo, pickled slaw and spicy aioli. This combination of ingredients built a sensational flavor. The pico de gallo was refreshing and complemented the crunchiness from the pickled slaw very nicely. The taco also had the perfect amount of spice from the aioli. 

A popular entrée at Hook Fish Co. is the sandwich with salmon.

Another Hook Fish Co. favorite is the sandwich. Also coming with a variety of fish options, I decided to try the sandwich with the choice of the blackened, grilled salmon. The fish sat upon a sesame brioche bun and was accompanied by tartar sauce. The sandwich was also packed with cabbage slaw and pepperoni cucumbers. I enjoyed the flavors in this dish. Although the fish was rich in flavor, all the ingredients had a fresh taste. 

In addition to serving great food, Hook Fish Co.’s mission is to serve and sell locally sourced fish, ranging from Half Moon Bay all the way to Sitka, Alaska. Hook Fish Co. prides themselves on knowing when and where their fish is caught and providing the highest quality to their customers. Having locally sourced fish is not only great for sustainability but also supports the local fisherman.

Crowds gather inside Hook Fish Co. waiting for their food.

The restaurant is also equipped to host events because of their small outdoor stage in the beer garden. It is perfect for showing films or for a party setting.

Hook Fish Co. is a must for anyone looking for flavorful food after a long day at the beach or for a fun, casual meal with family. The menu has a variety of selections and the food is delightful. Hook Fish Co.’s lively atmosphere and delicious food is sure to lift everyone’s mood.