‘What You See is What You Get’ smashes records and cements Luke Combs as one of country music’s hottest stars

What You See is What You Get smashes records and cements Luke Combs as one of country music’s hottest stars

Matthew Smalbach

Luke Combs burst into country music stardom with his debut album “This One’s for You” in June 2017. The budding star’s classic country style and upbeat melody made it a record-breaking album, causing fans to wait in anticipation for his second album,“What You See is What You Get,” which dropped on November 8th.

The album builds on Combs’ first with classic country vocals and a more modern touch. Combs’ rough voice blends beautifully with more of a pop-style beat that has emerged into the country music scene. The album contains 17 songs and even features artists such as Brooks and Dunn and Eric Church. Due to his innovative sound, Luke Combs also recently won Male Vocalist of the Year at the CMA Awards, becoming the youngest to win the award since 1990.

One of the more popular songs on his new album, “Beer Never Broke My Heart,” was actually released as a single before his new album. It details a distrust for the way that people tend to break the hearts of others. The one thing to be trusted is beer, a country music staple. Despite being a song about heartbreak, Combs’ strong vocals and the song’s melody provides a traditional country beat. It brings to mind many of the original popular country singers such as Garth Brooks and Brooks and Dunn. Combs’ voice is soothing, a trait possessed by older country songs, and flows well in the quicker parts of the song. His blend of new, contemporary music as well as traditional country makes his album perfect for country fans of all styles.

Despite his versatility, Combs follows a lot of country music stereotypes throughout his album. In “Blue Collar Boys,” he sings, “And we like cold keg beer and fixin’ up trucks/Old bird dogs and the woman we love.” The theme of each song throughout the album tends to get a little bit repetitive with some beats and lyrics staying very similar between songs. He mentions beer, trucks and women, all in a span of two lines!

“All Over Again” is the catchiest song on the album and also my favorite. Combs plays the guitar and has a softer, yet captivating voice that differs from the roughness that catapulted him to stardom. He hits runs that will have you singing along the whole time. The lines “Just like the last time and the time before/We’re at your house and through the door/And we’re falling all over again like a flashback to way back when,” showcase Combs’ versatile vocals. He can have a full, powerful voice while also showing care and delicacy in the slower parts of the song.

His new school country beats and traditional vocals have landed him right in the middle of the country music scene and even earned him his first No. 1 Album on the Billboard Charts. Despite its adherence to country stereotypes and repetitive nature, if you enjoy traditional beer-drinking, truck-driving country vibes then this album is for you.