A gift guide to congratulate seniors on committing to a college

Lauren Olsen

As beloved seniors graduate and embark on their next academic journeys, it is customary to celebrate their accomplishments by giving them a thoughtful gift. When it comes to gift ideas for college-bound students, it’s essential to find something that is not only cute and memorable but also relevant to their upcoming college endeavors. While it can be tricky to find the perfect gift, here are a few excellent gift ideas that cater to college-bound students and are sure to be appreciated.

College Pillow Pets 

The College Fabric Store’s best-selling product, Pillow Pets, is a nostalgic throwback to the senior’s childhood following them to their future dorm. These adorable and cushy small pets are cute and functional, starting as a pal and transforming into a pillow!

These precious and cuddly pillow pets are the perfect gift for the dorm.
(Image Courtesy of The College Fabric Store)

The College Fabric Store offers more than 50 different colleges for pillow pets and is customizable with the universities’ mascots. In addition, the pet has a mini shirt with the logo on the back of it. These are great gifts for graduating seniors at relatively low prices of $22 to $35. However, these are in-demand gifts, making many of these cuddly plushies sold out. 

SugarHi’s College Candy Box

Known for their delicious sweet treats shipped to your front door, SugarHi’s College Candy Box is the perfect gift. SugarHi customizes an assortment of candy with colors from the colleges the seniors will be attending.

This Michigan candy box is a perfect assortment of blue and yellow sour/sweet treats.
(Image Courtesy of SugarHi)

These wooden candy boxes fall on the pricier side, at $60 per box. While $60 may seem steep, the time and materials used to create an individualized box would be more costly than buying one from SugarHi. The creative and colorful assortments in the College Candy Box will surely be a hit with any sweet-toothed graduate, making this item completely worth it.

Custom Converse Chuck Taylors

A classic, the durable high-top canvas sneaker just got elevated. Converse now offers custom college-themed Chuck Taylors. All these components’ materials and colors are customizable with a college logo.

Gifting these customizable college Converse will keep the graduating seniors comfortable and spirited around their future campus.
(Image Courtesy of Converse)


Compared to some other college gifts, Chuck Taylors allows for freedom of design choice with the option of embroidered text, names, and numbers. These customizable shoes are $30 more than ordinary Chuck Taylors ($65), priced at $95. However, it is important to note that Converse only offers a select number of colleges to feature on their shoes. 

Hype and Vice

Hype and Vice combines trendy fashion with universities to create incredible college apparel such as sweatshirts, crop tops, and sweatpants. Prices can range anywhere from $5 to $139, offering a variety of options to fit different budgets.

This University of Miami set is adorable for collegiate sports games and other events. (Image Courtesy of Hype and Vice)

They have a wide selection of 130 universities that they sell merchandise for. However, as a relatively mainstream brand, there are no guarantees of uniqueness in the merchandise. Nevertheless, the clothes from Hype and Vice are cute and on-trend with today’s fashion standards, making them a stylish gift option for college-bound seniors.