Marin screams for ice cream

Marin County is known for its picturesque landscapes and excellent culinary scene. When it comes to ice cream, Marin County offers a plethora of artisanal shops with unique flavors and high-quality ingredients. This review delves into three ice cream stores in Marin County, including Lapperts in Sausalito, Scoop in Fairfax, and Gelato in San Anselmo evaluating each store based on its presentation, quality, and price. 

Freshly scooped from Lapperts, Kauai Pie is sure to make your mouth water

Lappert’s Ice Cream:

Lappert’s, a family-owned business founded on the island of Kauai, has been serving premium ice cream since 1983. It is located in Sausalito, and opened by Issac Lappert, a third generation of the Lapperts family line. The first thing that strikes you when you walk in is the welcoming atmosphere, especially the tropical leaves plastered throughout the store’s wallpaper. The store offers a variety of ice cream flavors, paying homage to the store’s roots including Guava Sorbet and Kauai Pie. The ice cream price is slightly more expensive than other stores in the area, with a single scoop starting at $4.50. The ice cream itself is rich, creamy, and made with quality ingredients leaving a lingering taste in your mouth. Overall, Lappert’s leaves a lasting impression on ice cream lovers who value quality and unique flavors. 


Established in 2001, Scoop is a modest, family-owned ice cream store located in the heart of Fairfax, a bohemian town known for its live music scene and outdoor activities. Often found with a long line of patrons, Scoop offers a variety of seasonal flavors such as Honey Lavender Vanilla, Yerba Mate, and Kiwi Sorbet.

Welcoming and friendly, Scoop offers organic ice cream to all of Marin

It is notable to mention that the ice cream is made using organic ingredients with no artificial flavors or colors. They use Straus Family Creamery’s organic ice cream base to create dozens of delicious flavors. The quality is exceptional, with a wide range of flavors that are both rich and unique. They also have a rotating selection of vegan and dairy-free options. Prices are reasonable, with a single scoop starting at $3.50. However, the presentation of the ice cream is not as impressive compared to other shops, with the option of a simple cup or house-made waffle cone. 

Refreshing and smooth, Gelato offers the perfect treat for the spring season

Gelato San Anselmo:

Gelato, located in the charming town of San Anselmo, is a traditional Italian gelateria that has been in operation since 1979. The shop has a bright, clean, and elegant design. The gelato is made weekly on-site using only the freshest ingredients. The flavors stay true to the Italian tradition with classics like Coppa Mista and Dark Chocolate. The quality of the gelato is excellent, with a smooth, creamy texture. However, the prices at Gelato are quite steep, with a small cup costing almost $6. 


With their focus on crafting each scoop with care, it is evident that these three ice cream stores have solidified their place in the community as a top destination for all Redwood students. Take a moment to indulge in the flavors of Marin County while savoring the natural beauty that surrounds you.