The highly anticipated “The Estate Sale” by Tyler The Creator does not disappoint listeners

Lauren Olsen

Holding his luggage, Tyler, the Creator is featured in his album cover of “The Estate Sale” traveling. (Image Courtesy of Variety)

Song ranking’s 5-star scale: 

“EVERYTHING MUST GO” [interlude]  n/a


“WHAT A DAY” 4/5






On Friday, March 31, 2023, Tyler, the Creator released a collection of songs that did not make the original cut of his 2021 Grammy-winning album, “Call Me If You Get Lost (CMIYGL).” These exceptional songs are a perfect addition, completing the journey of his “CMIYGL era” with a fitting conclusion. The eight tracks seamlessly complement the theme of travel and lust creating a cohesive and satisfying listening experience from the album’s primary release.  

The album kicks off with, “STUNTMAN,” featuring artist Vince Staples. The off-beat tapping of the drums and heavy bass creates a catchy and fast-paced vibe, setting the tone for the diverse variety of upcoming songs.

Following, “WHAT A DAY” is a standout low-tempo hip-hop song with producer Madlib, who sampled Micheal Urbaniak’s “A Day in the Park.” Tyler, with his unique rap skills on full display, brings the dreamy voice of Polish vocalist Urszula Dudziak to the top of this song. This track is easily the most mesmerizing and relaxing song of the collection. 

 Similarly, “WHARF TALK” featuring A$AP Rocky is an extraordinary duet, displaying their powerful vocal range. In the second verse, the satisfying harmony makes for one of the best songs in the album. “DOGTOOTH” is yet another lyrical masterpiece. The lyrics are genuine and pull at your heartstrings with vivid descriptions of sexual desire. 

In the music video for “WHARF TALK”, Tyler raps with artist A$AP Rocky high up in the mountains (Image Courtesy of HipHopDX)

In the track “HEAVEN TO ME,” Tyler reverts to the original intent of “Call Me If You Get Lost,” as a big daydream. Tyler dives into his idealized future, thinking about being in his “40s looking 20-something” with a loving family and a picturesque home with a “big yard, quaint size with the immaculate view.” In the third verse, Tyler backtracks to what heaven was to him, reminiscing back to his years as a young adult in Southern California. The ideological imagery used in the lyrics with the integration of a jazz fusion sample from Monk Higgins easily makes this track a 5 out of 5. 

 “BOYFRIEND, GIRLFRIEND (2020 Demo)” is another collaboration with musical artist YG. The track speaks to both of their missing love interests, making this relatable to listeners who want something they can’t have. Tyler and YG delve into the details of their wishes in a relationship, giving a unique perspective and a preview into their love lives. This track has a funky yet fun beat and deep lyrics, making it enjoyable to listen to. 

In the music video of “SORRY NOT SORRY”, Tyler, the Creator stands with many of his past eras of himself, all celebrated in one video. (Image Courtesy of Rolling Stone)

“The Estate Sale” concludes with “SORRY NOT SORRY,” a perfect close to the period of “Call Me If You Get Lost.” The song delivers Tyler’s apology to his fans, mother, friends, and family. He owns up to his past controversies and candidly talks about his bisexuality and the platform he has been given as an artist. This track is a great reminder that no one is perfect, and we can all move past our mistakes with apologies and progress. Overall, “The Estate Sale” is an extraordinary album that showcases Tyler, the Creator’s immense growth as a person and an artist, while being able to stay humble and create a thought-provoking musical experience.