You will like these mochi donuts a ‘hole’ lot

Coco Boyden

Deep in the heart of Japantown lies a small food stand painted white, with accents of gold that make Mochills’ logo pop. Here you can find some of the best mochi donuts in the Bay Area. Mochill, located in the Japan Center Malls on Post street, features new flavors every week. They describe mochi donuts on their website as, “chewy treats made from rice flour [that have] more texture and are lighter than traditional American donuts,” and the description does not fall short. A box of 6 donuts is $18, and a box of 12 costs $32. The donuts are shaped like rings, with each one containing eight identical spheres of dough and their own unique toppings to match their respective flavors. Though it may seem like a trek, these donuts are most definitely worth the trip. 

Fruity Pebbles: 9/10

Peering through the glass at the many flavor options, the Fruity Pebbles donut immediately catched my eye. Its array of rainbow-colored flakes on top of a white glaze made it stand out from the rest. My mouth bursted with flavors as I took my first bite. Clearly outshining a dull bowl of Fruity Pebbles, the donut exceeded because of its crunch, fluff and smooth texture. 


Brownie Crumble: 10/10

Even for those whose first choice isn’t chocolate, Mochill perfectly executed this brownie wonder. Brownies’ wide appeal and appreciation cater to most people; meaning this flavor is hugely popular. The crumbled chunks of rich chocolate brownie sitting on top of the donut complemented the donut perfectly. 

Cinnamon Sugar: 6/10

Unfortunately, the Cinnamon Sugar doughnut did not exceed expectations like the rest. The flavoring of the cinnamon was not nearly where it needed to be, and it left my mouth feeling sandy as it was coated in overpowering sugar. If you consider yourself a churro lover then this is definitely a flavor worth trying, however, if you are not, there are many other options on the menu that will better suit your taste buds. Despite feeling a bit let down, this doughnut was still enjoyable.

Cookies n Cream: 10/10

Impeccable. Truly beyond comparison. There was a perfect yet subtle amount of Oreo flavoring, and the crunch of the Oreo topping made it all the more enjoyable. Additionally, the glossy frosting flawlessly mimicked the famous Oreo cream. Your taste buds will burst and leave you begging for more. If you’re looking to save this for later after having a couple of bites, don’t bother. It’s too irresistible.

Strawberry: 8.5/10

The most out-of-pocket donut I have ever had. It really was such a surprise eating this. Going into it, I didn’t know what to expect. As I was mid-first bite, the first thing that popped into my mind was “flavor bomb.” A sharp tang of dominant strawberry spiked my interest and hooked me in for more. It wasn’t too “strawberry” and had a skillful amount of crunch to it.

Black Sesame: 5.8/10

Not the biggest fan. There was not enough flavor, and it tasted more like a bagel than a doughnut. Consistency was pure and reliable, but, I wish I chose matcha as my sixth donut to try out for this week’s flavors. The donut’s divergence from the sweet theme was intriguing but overall, was a letdown.

These mochi donuts give a much-needed, new perspective to the world of desserts. As each donut bursts with unique flavors, there’s no chance that anyone will grow bored of this treat. Whether you like sweet or savory desserts, there is no doubt that everyone will find a flavor they can enjoy. Not only are these delicious confections enjoyable to eat alone, but also to share with friends and family, as they are easy to split and meant to be enjoyed by the dozen.