Juice and Jamaican food: new food stalls bring the heat to San Francisco Ferry Building

Gabriella Rouas

The energy, movement and mouth-watering scents floating through the San Francisco Ferry Building give an exciting assurance about what awaits your taste buds. The food stalls and restaurants swarmed by hungry commuters or fascinated travelers are bound to produce tasty and interesting products for all. Built in 1889, the Ferry Building continues to diversify the food and beverages they offer, constantly showcasing new restaurants, stalls and stores. This creates an ever-changing atmosphere full of new foods and experiences. The Ferry Building is an amazing place to visit to try food from all cultures as well as experience the hustle and bustle of San Francisco. 


Peachies Patties

Opened Jan. 20, traditional Jamaican restaurant Peachies Patties has made a splash in the Ferry Building food scene! Dishes bursting with flavor and spicy goodness provided a doorway into the food of another culture and a way to keep expanding your palate! This food stall located outside the building offers a variety of different Jamaican dishes.


Beef Filled Patties 

Bursting with a seasoned meat filling, the beef filled patty packed a spicy punch!


Surrounded by a light flakey crust, the beef is an explosion of savory spice that melts in your mouth. The beef pattie comes with a side of hot sauce, which, if your tastebuds are strong, could be a nice addition. Even without the hot sauce, the spicy meat manages to enhance the flavor instead of drowning out your mouth with spice. The restaurant also offers curry chicken, rustic mushroom and spinach patties; a wide variety!


Sorrel (Jamaican Hibiscus Drink)  

This was a perfectly refreshing drink that had the power to calm taste buds after the beef pattie. The bright color and the lovely hibiscus flavor offered a refreshing alternative to the soft drinks that usually accompany meals. However, the hibiscus was very overpowering and could use some watering down, as the drink was slightly too sweet to finish. 

Resting outside the stall, the cold hibiscus drink offered a sweet break from the spicy food.

Rasta Stew Meal

The stew meal was an incredibly filling variety of foods that each offered their own aspects to the dish. The vegan stew was filled with different beans, tomatoes and onions, providing a very nutritious meal. The stew was seasoned to perfection, each bite packing a new punch. Instead of being spicy, the stew offered a variety of different ingredients combined into a soothing bite with the rice mixed in. Although the side of plantains and vegetables was enjoyable, the real star of the dish was the stew which overpowered the sides.


Bursting with different flavors the vegan rasta stew meal offered hearty portions of Jamaican favorites.


Juice House Co.


The new Juice House Co. Ferry Building location accompanied its three existing stores on Feb. 3,offering a wide variety of health-conscious beverages. A beautiful sleek exterior perfectly displayed the different colors and variety of juices. With a menu filled with cold-pressed juices, elixirs, kombucha and nut mylk, customers are bound to find something they enjoy. The enthusiastic staff provided insights into their favorite drinks and their authentic love for the product. 


Gleaming in the sunlight, the Popeye Power juice provides a healthy glow, both inside and out.


Elixir: Beauty Shot

The Beauty Shot was poured from a glass pitcher into a reusable shot glass, showing how the brand values its sustainability. The shot was composed of moringa, dandelion, cilantro, lemon and parsley, creating a healthy combination! The shot was not too overpowering and gave a refreshing burn to the throat. Overall the shot provided a nice refresh with health benefits that did not overwhelm taste buds.


Popeye Power Juice

This juice was a refreshing blend of celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley and lemon which combined into a refreshing green drink! This juice was not too tart and included a smooth blend of nutritious ingredients. An apple could be a wonderful addition to the drink to balance out the heavy notes of cucumber and spinach but still maintain the nutritional value of the drink.


The San Francisco Ferry Building continues to raise the bar and the food and drinks available to its hungry clientele. The employees are friendly and willing to converse about the brand and the product they are selling. The new inclusions are definitely worth the trip, and the Ferry Building overall is always a wonderful and exciting place to be!