Paradise on earth or trouble in paradise? Season 3 of Outer Banks

Andie Johnston

Season three of Outer Banks made its debut on Feb. 23. (Image courtesy of Chicago Maroon)

On Feb. 23, the third season of Outer Banks was released on Netflix. Set on an island off the coast of North Carolina’s Outer Banks, five teenagers from the wrong side of the tracks embark on mysterious journeys to live the pogue life. Since the beginning of season one, the teenagers were faced with murder, money, and mysteries with the hopes of finding treasure.

Throughout season three, the pogues vs. kooks rivalry remains strong. The tension between the rich upper class (kook) vs the poor lower class (pogue) started in the first season; this element of the series has never failed to let the audience down. Season three hammers down on the theory of pogues vs. kooks as the groups fight for something bigger than themselves: the gold. In the first two seasons, the pogues are faced with fortune and fame which the kooks steal, making the tension between the two groups even stronger in season three. Outer Banks is definitely a show that sticks to a plot while adding unexpected twists. 

Hunting down the gold, the Pogues face major conflicts. (Image courtesy of Collider)

At the beginning of season three, the Pogues; John B (Chase Stokes), JJ (Rudy Pankow), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), Kiara (Madison Bailey), Sarah (Madelyn Cline), and the newest member of the group Cleo (Carlacia Grant), find themselves deserted at sea on an island they call Poguelandia. Far from home, the group must find a way back to civilization while having to face setbacks. As the Pogues find a way off the island, the chase for the gold is more serious than ever. The group goes through a series of events trying to uncover the treasures of El Dorado, the city of gold.

For the duration of the first two seasons, Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) faced family troubles as her father Ward Cameron (Charles Esten) and brother Rafe Cameron (Drew Starkey), the main antagonists, wanted the riches for themselves. However, during this season, the group has to face a much bigger villain, Carlos Singh. While trying to find the treasure of El Dorado, the group is faced with family and personal issues, proving that being a teen is harder than it seems. 

The season offers a glimpse into the personal lives of the pogues as they navigate their way through their teenage years. After many failed attempts at love, two of the main characters, JJ and Kiara, finally share an intimate embrace towards the end of the season. The couples in this show face many challenges which only makes them stronger in the end. 

Running from enemies, the Pogues get steps closer to the treasure. (Image courtesy of Netflix)

The show’s creators, Josh and Jonas Pate, have made sure that their actors truly embody their characters which is what makes this series so phenomenal. The show is highly addictive due to its cliffhangers and adventures that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Lies, murder, money, heartbreak, violence and revenge make up season three of Outer Banks. So, if you are in the mood for a rollercoaster of emotions, Outer Banks is the show for you.