Ways to make your car wheely cool

Sofia Ruliffson

An important part of owning a car is knowing how to keep it clean and organized. In addition, it

Perfect for throwing small pieces of trash away, the JUSTTOP Car Trash Can with a lid does not disappoint.

can be fun to add small accessories to help luxuriate your car space to make it more enjoyable. While it can be tricky to collect every speck of trash and dirt that piles up in your car, these are several cheap and easy products that can help do the trick. 

Item #1: Mini trash can

Say goodbye to those tiny gum wrappers, tissues and other small pieces of trash that tend to accumulate inside your car. This JUSTTOP Car Trash Can on Amazon for only $10.99 is the perfect size to fit into a cup holder and will be very useful throughout the week to keep your car tidy. In addition to its perfect size, the trash can has a sleek black coating and comes with a lid that makes the product very convenient. While this is not suitable for large pieces of trash, it is available in a two-pack and will certainly help keep your car very organized. 


Item #2: Bag hooks

There is nothing more annoying than having to slam on your brakes at the last minute and watch all of the items in your bag fly out all over your car. However, these bag hooks are a solution to prevent that dreadful incident from happening. These EldHus hooks for $9.99 on Amazon are the perfect product to fit around the headrest of the car seat and can remain stable throughout the drive. In addition to the hooks’ convenience, they are covered by vegan leather so they do not appear cheap nor tacky.

These hooks for your car will help keep your bags from falling all over the place.


Item #3: Car cleaning slime

Trash is not the only thing that tends to pile up inside cars. It can be surprising how much dust and tiny crumbs are found in small nooks of cars. However, the TICARVE cleaning gel slime on Amazon for $6.98 will leave your car not only smelling clean and fresh, but will also ensure that every speck of dirt is collected. This product is simply used by tearing a small piece of the slime, and running it over surfaces of your car to collect all the dust and dirt. This method is extremely helpful because it helps the slime last long while still doing the trick.

Cleaning every speck of dust, the PULIDIKI Universal Dust Cleaning Gel will keep your car smelling fresh and clean.

Item #4: LED car sun visor mirror

If you are ever in a rush and have to do your makeup in the car, but the lighting isn’t cooperating with you, then this mirror is for you. Surrounded with 60 bright LED lights that have three different settings of light shades, this rechargeable makeup mirror on Amazon for $26.99 will give you the perfect lighting in any location, and is definitely worth the purchase. 


These products are great accessories and solutions to keeping one’s car organized and clean at a reasonable price. These items are definitely worth buying because you will no longer have to worry about those nail biting issues of tiny pieces of trash that will just continue to accumulate or having items explode out of your bag at the most inconvenient timings.