Bring a taste of San Francisco to your home with SF2BAY

Kate DeForrest

Opened during the pandemic, SF2BAY provides residents throughout the Bay Area with food from popular local restaurants. Every Thursday, the organization chooses two or three Bay Area restaurants which customers can order from on the SF2BAY website. The simple website allows a customer to schedule their food orders weeks in advance. After the order is placed, the prepared meals are sent to various pick-up locations around the Bay Area called “Pop–Ups.” A new favorite for many families throughout Marin, SF2BAY is popular for its convenient locations and well-liked food.


Organized by scheduled pick-up times and restaurants, orders were quick and efficient to pick up.

Ordering and Service

Using the SF2BAY website is straightforward; a calendar on the homepage makes it easy to see what restaurants will be coming to Marin weeks in advance. SF2BAY was quick to reach out in case any problems arose. When the website malfunctioned and allowed the purchase of a sold-out meal, SF2BAY immediately reported they would still be able to accommodate the order. The pick-up location, one of College of Marin’s Kentfield campus parking lots, was mostly empty and had an efficient system. The following reviewed restaurants are offered by SF2BAY and can be ordered from their website.


Zachary’s Chicago Pizza

The deep dish pepperoni pizza from Zachary’s, while flavorful, had an overpowering amount of stringy cheese and scarce pepperoni.

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza, with locations throughout the Bay Area, is known for its deep-dish pies. While there were few options to order from, the pepperoni deep dish pizza had a perfect crust that was doughy, slightly crunchy and salted. The sauce also tasted natural, homemade and rich with just the right amount of spice to complement the cheese. Stringy, but with an overall good taste, the cheese overpowered much of the pizza, making it difficult to taste the sauce or crust. The excessive cheese made it especially challenging to taste the pepperoni, which was already sparse. When ordered, the pizza came in a simple cardboard box with clear heating instructions taped to it, making it easy to warm up and enjoy. Although the ratio of cheese to pepperoni and sauce was unbalanced, the crust and sauce made up for it. Zachary’s Chicago Pizza is a great idea for those who need an easy meal on a busy night. 



Packed with flavor, both the pork buns and the vegetarian potstickers from Harborview had fillings with the perfect consistency.

Everything ordered at Harborview, a San Francisco-based restaurant serving traditional Cantonese-style dishes, was packed with flavor. The pork buns had a perfectly tangy and sweet filling, although the excess dough seemed to overpower its taste. While slightly greasy, the vegetarian potstickers had a perfect consistency with a delicious and savory filling. Even though the pork buns and potstickers were easy to heat up in the microwave, the vegetarian fried rice dried out after being warmed and tasted stale. The potstickers and pork buns are flavorful and savory for those who are hoping for a delicious meal, but the rice was underwhelming compared to other options on the Harborview menu. 


The saffron chicken breast kabob from La Méditerranée was perfectly seasoned with salt and spice.

La Méditerranée

La Méditerranée had a relatively large menu for online ordering and provided a variety of different choices. The pilaf rice complemented the saffron chicken breast kabob well and chickpeas were perfectly scattered throughout the rice. Similar to
Harborview, the rice was slightly hard after it was warmed up but still had a good taste. The seasoning on the chicken was well balanced with the perfect combination of both salt and spice, however, the chicken itself was a little dry — another reheating issue. While the chicken and rice complemented each other well, the hummus was the best aspect of La Méditerranée. Easy to eat, the hummus was smoky, and salty, pairing perfectly with pita bread. La Méditerranée, with a wide variety of carefully spiced food to order from, is a great choice for a relaxing night.