Flex your green thumb with these plant stores

Pasha Fooman

There are few better ways to take advantage of a rainy winter season than stocking up on plants. They are versatile, fun to take care of, come in endless varieties and have a place in just about any home. On top of that, plants have the possible added benefit of producing food. For those wishing to add a decorative splash of green to their life, these are the best plant stores in Marin that will add a nice touch to any decorative layout. 

Sloat Garden Center (Mill Valley)

Offering a massive variety of plants, Sloat Garden Center makes good use of its limited space.

Located in the center of Mill Valley on Miller Street, Sloat Garden Center appears to be a small and modest store at first glance. However, passing by would be a mistake. The garden center’s small entrance masks a massive space, filled with endless varieties of plants. The catalog is extensive, with 27 different types of plants available for sale. Whether one is looking for some easily manageable succulents or annual plants to usher in spring, Sloat Garden Center has it covered. The store also has detailed descriptions for a majority of the plants, providing the growing dimensions and tips for ideal growth of the plant species offered. They also sell many important complementary products for anyone looking to get into gardening, from elegantly designed pottery to extensive garden layout services. Sloat Garden Center is ideal for anyone looking to add a natural touch to their room, whether or not they are an experienced gardener.

Displaying wooden carvings, California Native Landscapes plant nursery exhibits an inviting ambiance. (Image courtesy of CNL).

California Native Landscapes

California Native Landscapes (CNL) is a plant nursery and store also located in Mill Valley. The location is quite striking, with intricate wooden carvings and artwork decorating the winding paths of the nursery (many of which are also for sale). Additionally, CNL places a heavy emphasis on sustainability. All the plants sold at this location are organic, chemical-free and from local California landscapes. This emphasis on native plants means that CNL has a selection of ferns, vegetables, succulents, fruits and an especially vast collection of wildflowers that synchronize perfectly with any garden scheme. Additionally, CNL participates in habitat restoration efforts. CNL also carries goods to further improve one’s garden, including the aforementioned pots and planters with the addition of various crystals and minerals. For anyone looking to grow their garden and sustainably support local habitats, CNL is the ideal place to get started. 

Allowing for a high level of customizability, Flourish Succulents has an arrangement for any scenario. (Image courtesy of Flourish Succulents).

Flourish Succulents

Succulents are some of the easiest plants to own. They require very little water and come in many sizes and varieties, making them a great choice for anyone. If one is looking to add some succulents to their garden, Flourish Succulents is an ideal option. Located in Tiburon, Flourish Succulents specializes in arrangements that combine a variety of contrasting succulents with modern pottery designs. These arrangements are fully customizable in terms of size, specific plant use, the purpose of the arrangement and more. Of course, the store also sells many preset arrangements, all of which are placed in pottery just as appealing as the succulents themselves. The overall customizability and uniqueness of the succulent arrangements make for an experience that any shopper won’t want to miss. 


For its inviting aesthetic, massive selection of plants and sustainable practices, CNL stands above the competition. That being said, any of the stores above are ideal for any shopper looking to get into gardening.