Secret santa gifts for those on the naughty list

During the holiday season, it is a common tradition for friends, colleagues and families to participate in secret santa. Secret santa is a game where participants exchange holiday presents anonymously. Each member of the group is randomly assigned to another member for whom to provide a small gift, typically within a specific price range. While many people usually follow the gift route of cosmetics, accessories and books, here are some suggestions for unique gifts that will put a humorous, yet truthful, twist on this year’s secret santa experience. 

Blinders: for the person that won’t stop spying on your laptop screen

Stopping that one person from always spying on your computer screen, these side blockers will do the trick (Photo courtesy of Amazon).

In class, it is typical for students to feel strong stares from their peers on their computer screens. It’s almost as if this person always seems to be performing some reconnaissance mission on your laptop or phone. Whether you are actually doing your work in class or shopping, these sneaky peekers with amazing peripheral vision must be stopped. Side blinders are typically put on the side of glasses to help block one’s side view. They are available for $7.99 on Amazon and will help keep the people’s eyes that always peek in check. Blinders will help them focus on their own work instead of being nosy. 


Zen rock garden: for the constant finger tapper, foot shaker or throat clearer

Relaxing your mind and body, this zen rock garden won’t let you down (Photo courtesy of Amazon).

It’s hard to ignore the person who’s constantly shifting, sighing or making any small annoying movement that fills a whole room with unbelievable rage and anxiety. To put an end to what feels like a never ending earthquake, a $15.99 zen rock garden from Amazon will do the trick. This mini garden will not disappoint, as it includes a square dish, white sand, three stones, mini pagoda and a rake. With these materials in hand, the sounds of finger and feet tapping will begin to vanish, and there will be less distractions in class, which is beneficial for everyone. Secret santa is the perfect opportunity to give this gift to that one person, since you can send a much-needed message anonymously.


Solo percussion instrument: for the person who’s always chiming in

Relaxing your mind and body, this zen rock garden won’t let you down (Photo courtesy of Amazon).

Everyone knows one person who consistently interrupts or decides to chime in at the worst moments. It’s impossible to stop them due to an eruption of defensiveness and arguments that will occur. However, there is a solution. A solo percussion instrument for $9.99 on Amazon can help them chime in as much as they wish during any time of the day. They will no longer feel the urge to barge into a conversation or steal the microphone to take over the spotlight. This present is humorous, but can be an important gift for secret santa and benefit a variety of people. 


It’s safe to say that secret santa can go in several different directions, from cute, small accessories to laughter from gifts no one would expect to receive. To help cure the issues faced in class, these ideas can help ensure that this year’s secret santa is a wonderfully therapeutic experience for all.