Local Kitchens brings variety to late night dinner

Sydney Johnson

Each weekend, groups of teens are faced with a weekend dilemma: where and when are they going to eat dinner, and will this decision cause a fight? Cravings go unsatisfied, suggestions are denied and while compromise is necessary, it is unfulfilling. Local Kitchens, a new micro food hall in Mill Valley, may have presented the solution to this problem. Micro food halls allow customers to purchase meals from a variety of popular restaurants in a space smaller than conventional food halls. Local Kitchens opened on Sept. 27 on East Blithedale and offers everything from falafel to burgers to sushi burritos. The takeout establishment is also open until midnight every night, a perfect concept for groups of indecisive teens. Come along on a journey to discover what Local Kitchens has to offer. 


Containing a light but satiating flavor, Oren’s Hummus Chicken Bowl comes with gluten-free pita and slaw.

Oren’s Hummus’ “Hummus Chicken Bowl”: ⅗

For those who enjoy Mediterranean or Israeli cuisine, Oren’s Hummus offers hummus bowls, pita sandwiches and more. The Hummus Chicken Bowl is light and mild. The hummus has a mousse-like consistency, but isn’t spectacular, and it may not impress a hummus lover due to its irregular texture and lack of flavor. On the other hand, the spiced chicken is delicious, moist and adds a satiating protein to the dip. However, the dish takes a downturn when it comes to the gluten-free pita, which tastes like Play-Doh. In the end, the hummus plate meets low expectations, but needs more flavor in all of its aspects. An added spicy sauce (optional condiments were listed during ordering) and regular pita could improve the meal. Overall, for an expensive base price of $16, the hummus plate is a mediocre dish, but Oren’s other top sellers have the potential to be much better. 


Sushirrito’s “Latin Ninja” Burrito: ⅖

Filled with poke, Sushirrito’s “Latin Burrito” needs more sauce to provide a stronger flavor.

Sushirrito, priding themselves on being the first sushi burrito brand, offers raw fish in various forms. The “Latin Ninja” burrito, seemingly Sushirrito’s take on Latin-Japanese fusion, is filled with bland ingredients and is seriously lacking in flavor, especially considering its $16 price. The fish is overpowering due to the dull fillers, which include lettuce, rice, smaller rice pops and plantain chips. A daring concept, some Sushirrito burritos succeed in execution while others fall short. The highly rated “Sumo Crunch” burrito is impressive, an explosion of crab and shrimp tempura, all rolled in spicy tempura flakes. Though the “Latin Ninja” burrito itself isn’t spectacular, Sushirrito maybe the new form of sushi that poke or raw fish fans have been looking for. However, ignoring the sauce options that can boost the burrito’s flavor may also be a vital mistake, which is foreshadowed by the various “signature sauces” that are available to add during the ordering process.


Fiorella’s “Pepperoni Pizza”: 5/5

Covered in spicy pepperoni, Fiorella’s pepperoni pizza has extreme flavor.

If Italian food cravings strike late at night, Fiorella’s Sicilian-style pizza may be just what one needs. This thick square pizza has an airy interior in its soft crust, which is paired with marinara sauce, mozzarella and spicy chili flakes to create a flavorful combination. This comfort food may cause garlic breath and possibly indigestion, but is an impressive pie and is more exquisite than other late-night take-out pizzas. This gourmet-quality pizza has spice, but it isn’t overpowering with its airy base. It maintains a perfect balance between a rich sauce and a light crust. Though the pizza is $22, its eight pieces can feed many, and the quality reflects the price. Fiorella exceeds expectations, and Italian delicacies from the restaurant should also be explored. 


Local Kitchens’ 126 dishes from eight different restaurants give food lovers the possibility to return several times without having to repeat the same meal. They also offer options from The Melt, Proposition Chicken, Wise Sons, The Plant and Humphry Scolombe – so the entire food hall has dishes ranging from mac n’ cheese sandwiches to bagels to salads. For whatever one may be craving, it’s clear everyone can find something to love here.