The most deli-cious sandwiches in Marin

Sofia Ruliffson

The sandwich: A popular lunch many enjoy, consisting of some form of protein, cheese, vegetables, a spread and two pieces of bread. The list was narrowed down to three places: Bruno’s Deli, which serves Italian sandwiches and cuisine; Michael’s Sourdough Sandwiches, which always has a line out the door; and the final deli, Sourdough and Co., which offers an array of unique sandwiches. 

Bruno’s Italian Deli: 3/5

Bruno’s Deli is the place to be indulged in a unique and authentic Italian experience. Located near downtown San Rafael, the deli is easy to find due to its bright and colorful Italian flag displayed on the

The variety of Italian ingredients including oven roasted turkey and monterey jack cheese in the Bruno’s Deli’s Il Californiano bring an authentic flavor to the sandwich.

outside of the building. Once inside the restaurant, employees greet their customers kindly and in the beautiful language of Italian. The restaurant is inviting, clean and authentic. However, the sandwiches were slightly disappointing. There are multiple sandwich options, such as cold, hot, vegetarian and build-your-own sandwiches. In the restaurant’s “specialty sandwich” category, the Il Californiana (The Californian) sandwich seemed the most appealing. The sandwich contains oven-roasted turkey, monterey jack, avocado, tomato, red onion, lettuce, black pepper and garlic aioli on sliced sourdough. While there was a variety of content in the sandwich, the overall combination was relatively dry and lacked mayonnaise or mustard, which would complement the garlic aioli. While the sandwich lacked an additional condiment like a spread, Bruno’s Deli offers other traditional meals such as pasta with tomato sauce, meatballs, lasagna and more. The overall experience of Bruno’s Deli was delightful and transports the diner to the middle of Italy. However, trying other sandwiches from their menu or ordering a more traditional Italian dish is highly suggested. 


Michael’s Sourdough Sandwiches – 5/5

Towards the end of the 2021-2022 school year, many students would rush to San Rafael during lunch, hoping to devour one of Michael’s sandwiches and make it back to class on time. The restaurant isn’t the easiest to find, as it is slightly hidden in a shared parking lot. However, once customers enter the deli they are overwhelmed with a variety of sandwiches to choose from. Their most popular sandwich is The

Incorporating a variety of different ingredients, the Michael’s Sourdough sandwich will not disappoint.

Sourdough (#4). The Sourdough combines roast beef, Idaho ham, roast turkey, swiss cheese and sourdough bread. Various condiments and vegetables come with the sandwich, such as lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, mayo spread and mustard. Right off the bat, customers will be satisfied with the crunch of the fresh sourdough bread holding the sandwich together. The combination of the different meats in the sandwich pulls the whole meal together. In addition, there is just the right amount of mayonnaise and mustard on the sandwich, which prevents it from being too dry. Michael’s sandwiches are perfect for sharing due to their large portion size, and every sandwich is served with a pickle. This deli is the place to go for filling and authentic sandwiches. 

Sourdough Sandwich Co. – 5/5

The drive to this deli took around 30 minutes since it is located in Novato. Sourdough Sandwich Co. provides a significant amount of sandwiches so it’s simple to choose a winner from the menu. One of their popular combinations is the ham and turkey sandwich containing lettuce, tomato, swiss cheese, mustard and mayo spread. The flavors in this sandwich will not disappoint after the first bite is taken. The sourdough bread is thin but has the perfect satisfying crunch. The different meat flavors go exceptionally well together and are complemented by the specific condiments in the sandwich. Compared to the other two delis, the main difference is the bread. While Michael’s sourdough bread may be preferred over Bruno’s deli, Sourdough and Co. had a thinner layer than both, which made the overall meal lighter and more enjoyable. The varying portion sizes are another factor to consider. Michael’s and Bruno’s both have big portion sizes and typically need to be shared; the Sourdough Sandwich Co.’s are smaller and can easily be devoured in one seating. Although this deli is far away, the sandwiches are worth the drive.

Combining ham and turkey, Sourdough Sandwich Co. will leave you satisfied.

Michael’s Sourdough Sandwiches and Sourdough Sandwich Co. Deli exceeded my satisfaction and intensified my cravings for sandwiches. While Bruno’s Deli was flavorful in Italian culture, it did not meet my expectations of an Italian sandwich. Michael’s Sourdough Sandwiches and Sourdough Sandwich Co. are the places to go for a big and tasty sandwich.