Time to Phil(z) your cup with these fun drinks

Natalie Tress

Philz Coffee has been a high school student favorite since it opened in Town Center in 2017. The close proximity to Redwood and easy online ordering app allows students quick and easy access to caffeine. However, Philz has a very niche menu and ordering process, making it intimidating or difficult to order for those who may not be aware of all available options. Having worked at Philz for practically a year, I’ve learned all the tips and tricks to find the perfect cup of coffee, and I am here to tell you all about them. 

After taking a sip, a Philz customer places the lid on her Oatmeal Cookie drink, eager to indulge in the rest of the cup.

At Philz, you can either pick a signature drink, such as the Iced Mint Mojito, or pick from one of the many blends of coffee. Customers also have the option of choosing their level of cream (or non-dairy alternatives) and level and type of sweetener. Aside from the signature drinks and single coffee blends, there are various other options that many are not aware of and may be a game changer for avid Philz goers and new customers alike.

Oatmeal Cookie: The Oatmeal Cookie drink is one of my favorite off-menu items and it is very popular among Philz customers. This drink is a mix between the Julie’s Ultimate coffee beans and the Hazelnut coffee beans, with cinnamon added to the filter before it is brewed. While the cinnamon addition is an acquired taste for some, the mixture of cinnamon and hazelnut creates a flavor very similar to that of an oatmeal cookie. This drink is usually preferred iced, and I recommend it with medium cream and medium sugar. 

For a similar flavor combination as the Oatmeal Cookie but with different blends of coffee, try the Cinnamon Toast Crunch or the White Christmas!

Showing off foamy oat milk and a sweet honey drizzle, Philz advertises the new Honey Haze drink throughout their store.

Honey Haze: While the elements of this drink have been a long-time favorite of mine, Philz just released them as a new drink called Honey Haze. The Philtered Soul Cold Brew is my personal favorite coffee at Philz, and when it is mixed with Creamy Oat Milk and Sweet Honey, as the Honey Haze does, it is simply to die for. If you prefer your coffee less sweet, ask for Medium or Light instead of Sweet Honey. 

Cinnamon Additions: Asking for added cinnamon in drinks at Philz is a great way to spice up your daily coffee. If you prefer caffeine-free options, Philz’s new decaf blend, Luca’s Unplugged, is delicious, and adding cinnamon helps enhance its flavor. If you prefer a stronger, more uniform cinnamon flavor, ask for cinnamon in the filter. And if you are craving a more subtle cinnamon flavor, you can simply ask for cinnamon sprinkled on top. Additionally, adding cinnamon into iced or hot chocolates at Philz adds depth to the chocolate flavor, a reasonably popular practice among hot chocolate lovers. 

Blends: If you like several blends of coffee and cannot make a decision, it is always an option to ask for half and half blends, creating a customized cup of two different types of coffee. Particularly popular half and half blends include the Silken Soul, which is a mixture of the Silken Splendor and Philtered Soul beans, or the Soul Train, which combines Philtered Soul and Hazelnut. If you want to devise your own half and half blend, I recommend mixing blends from the same roast level (light, medium or dark). Additionally, if you desire less caffeine, you can ask for any coffee blend Half-Caff, which will mix your blend of choice with half Decaf. To order these blends through the mobile app, choose one of the coffee beans and specify which blend you would like to mix it with in the notes section.  

While this guide to ordering at Philz may seem like it is coming at an unfortunate time for seniors who are getting ready to leave for college, don’t worry! You can ask for these blends of beans in pound bags which you can pack away and bring to your college dorm. In the meantime, enjoy trying these new drinks at your nearest Philz! Philz has become close to my heart after working there for the past year; hopefully, with these tips and tricks, Philz will be able to provide you with the perfect cup of coffee, just like they have done for me.