Starbird Chicken is the new star of Town Center

Natalie Tress

With bright, yellow awning and bold lettering, Starbird Chicken in Town Center easily catches the eyes of individuals seeking a filling, delicious meal, especially kids. Starbird Chicken, a fried chicken-focused restaurant with several locations in California, opened Corte Madera on Jan. 31, 2022. 

With many different options on the menu, it was overwhelming to choose what to order, especially with all of the complicated flavor options and combinations. Ordering food was a slightly slow process, with the choice of either using a self-order kiosk or the register. Due to Apple Pay not being set-up and obstacles from the first day of opening, the register took much longer to get through than the kiosk. That being said, that did not impact the quick speed at which the food came out. 

The Classic Chicken Tenders were the star of the show at Starbird Chicken’s new location in Town Center. Photo by Natalie Tress.

To start, I ordered the Classic Chicken Tenders and was pleased with the outcome. A seasoned, crunchy exterior paired with their signature Star Sauce created the perfect bite. The base of the fried chicken is all gluten-free and I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious they were. The fries that came with the chicken tenders were crispy and not oversalted, which complimented the chicken well. Out of the various menu items that I ordered, the Classic Chicken Tenders were my favorite by far. After, I tried the Sweet Thai Glazed Chicken Tenders, which were similar to the Classic Chicken Tenders but included a Sweet Thai Glaze, Asian herb mix, crispy shallots, sesame seeds and Spicy Herb Aioli. The Sweet Thai Glazed Chicken Tenders left me wanting more Classic Chicken Tenders as the extra sauce and toppings became overwhelming. 

I had a similar experience with the chicken sandwiches as I did with the Sweet Thai Glazed Chicken Tenders. While the Nashville HotBird Sandwich — containing Nashville Hot Chicken, classic slaw, dill pickles, Greek Yogurt Ranch and mayonnaise — has soft bread with a delicious and crunchy texture, the spice was relatively flavorless and barely lingered. As for the Cali Bacon Dutch Crunch Sandwich, the flavor was better than the Nashville HotBird Sandwich, but the addition of bacon was underwhelming and didn’t really add anything to the sandwich. 

Topped with edamame and crispy chicken, the Chicken Katsu salad was delicious despite its lack of hearty ingredients. Photo by Natalie Tress.

The Chicken Katsu Salad consisted of shredded green cabbage, cucumber, edamame, red pickled daikon, crispy wonton strips, green onions, sesame seeds, katsu sauce and Creamy Ginger Dressing and was a refreshing option on the menu. The dressing was delicious and creamy, with subtle ginger notes that added a bright flavor to the salad. While it tasted good, this salad lacked substance, as the lettuce was partially wilted romaine and there was not nearly enough cucumber or other crunchy vegetables to balance out the other ingredients or add variety.

I paired my food with a lemonade, which, while being on the sweeter side, was still refreshing. I then finished my meal off with a dessert of churros and maple syrup. While the churros tasted more like waffles, they were delicious with a satisfying texture, displaying the popular flavor combination of chicken and waffles. 

Overall, the hype of Starbird Chicken was higher than the outcome. But, if you are looking for a local place to get a filling, delicious plate of classic chicken tenders, Starbird Chicken is the place for you.