Never fear, your new self-defense keychain is here!

Hollis Belger

In case the skills learned in your sophomore self-defense unit are not adequate enough when you’re in a life-threatening situation, there are substitutes that can enhance your safety and provide a sense of comfort in the case of an emergency. In step with increasing cultural appreciation of self-protection, brands recognize that there is a market for products offering teenagers access to defense options that will strengthen our safety and appeal to our style. Brands like Safe Babe Self Defense have ignited the popularity of a stylish self-defense keychain with several protective products, ranging from whistles to stun guns. Below are the essential items needed to complete your very own self-defense keychain that will satisfy your aesthetic and employ maximum safety.  

The first item you need on your self-defense keychain is a travel-sized pepper spray or mace. Both POM and Saber Red offer pepper spray flip-top keychains, which you can purchase on Amazon for less than $15. The POM version is easily linked to a keychain or lanyard and is accompanied by a safety cap to prevent accidental usage. Once the cap is flipped, the product is instantly released with a gentle push. Weighing in at only two ounces and available in multiple colors, the POM pepper spray shoots 10 feet with up to 25 bursts and sells for $12.95. Slightly less expensive ($9.99 on Amazon) but also a bit heavier (four ounces,) the Saber Red spray offers a strong spray (also 10 feet) and advanced grip technology that makes for quick and accurate engagement. A twist-lock is located at the top of the product to avoid accidental usage or discharge. Like the POM version, this product also comes in several different colors, including mint, lavender and dusk purple.

To light the way through emergencies or to alert others in your surroundings, the LED light/alarm, part of the Rosinski set sold on Amazon, is equipped with multiple important safety features.

The next self-defense essential is an alarm, which you can use to alert those around you when you’re in danger and illuminate your surroundings. While a whistle can be an effective option, it won’t be available to you if your mouth is compromised in an emergency. Therefore, a hand-activated safety alarm might be a more useful purchase. I recommend the SLFORCE Safe Personal Alarm for only $11 on Amazon, as it has both LED light and siren capabilities. A large button in the middle of the product stimulates the light with maximum intensity to guide you through emergency scenarios, you can pull out a small pin on the side of the product to generate a piercing sound. While the alarm only comes in a few basic colors, you can easily clip the product to a keychain.

Perfect for window breaking, the Roskinski’s metal Kubaton stick with advanced grip technology can also serve as a necessary defense tool.

Aside from alarms and pepper sprays, every keychain should be equipped with a more aggressive weapon of defense, such as a knife or other sharp metal device. What better way to distribute said items than as a party favor for you and your friends! DHgate sells keychain-fit aluminum metal stick party favors for only $1.50 each, an effective source of weaponry perfect for window breaks. However, if a single metal tool doesn’t feel protective or intimidating enough, I recommend a small Swiss Army knife set that can be conveniently attached to your keychain. For only $8.81 on Amazon, this 7-in-1 “Key Ring Multitool” contains several small knives, as well as an LED light and bottle opener. And if neither of these products suits your fancy, you can always opt for the world’s smallest bright pink Stun Gun, complete with a flashlight and safety switch, which is available for purchase on Amazon for $24.99.  

Complete with stylish components, the Rosinski set is available on Amazon for only $21.99.

Traveling with a number of these small devices can be cumbersome, so if you would prefer a more compact set to combine all of your self-defense necessities, there are alternatives both on Amazon and other online retail sites. The Rosinski Safety Keychain Set sold on Amazon offers self-defense equipment, as well as a variety of stylish components that improve the overall aesthetic of your keychain. For just $21.99, the set comes in six different color themes, ranging from Black Marble to Red Lipstick. In addition to a survival whistle, safety alarm with a built-in LED flashlight and a small metal bottle opener, the set comes with its own lanyard, decorative pom pom, hand sanitizer holder, AirPods case and ID holder. While the set is aesthetically pleasing and includes all the basic essentials, the items can feel slightly cluttered and heavy and may not be suitable for high activity or transportation.

For a more simplistic bundle, I recommend browsing through the Safe Babe Self Defense website to look for more basic yet functional items. Their keychains include pepper spray, a whistle, a sharp, metal Kubotan stick, a faux fur pom pom and a chapstick/hand sanitizer holder. This bundle is slightly more expensive costing around $40, but it includes pepper spray, which is not found on the Rosinski set. 

Gone are the days of big and bulky pepper sprays and relying on whistles for personal protection. With so many functional and stylish options available, we’d be crazy not to take advantage of these products, especially those of us soon graduating from the confines of Marin County. Regardless of who you’re with or where you are, it never hurts to have a comforting and accessible source of defense right at your fingertips, and having them on your keychain means you’ll never leave them behind! Pro-tip: none of these options should replace the skills and empowerment that come from a self-defense class, which I highly recommend for all teens either at a local martial arts studio such as Practical Martial Arts right in Corte Madera!