Thrifty finds in Marin: the best local vintage clothing stores

Ava Koblik

Thrift stores, both online and in-person, have become increasingly popular in recent years, as many shoppers have the goal of finding the perfect vintage clothing item. With a growth in the promotion of sustainable shopping, consumers are becoming more aware of their environmental impact, and have found that purchasing secondhand clothing items is an effective way to reduce their carbon footprint. San Francisco is known for its iconic thrifting locations, with neighborhoods such as Haight Ashbury and the Mission, however, there are many spots worth a visit in Marin as well! Here are a few of my favorite local vintage clothing stores. 

Mystic Rose

As customers enter Mystic Rose in downtown Fairfax, they are immediately greeted by the relaxing scent of lavender and the upbeat sound of Bob Marley playing through the speakers. This beautifully decorated shop offers a wide variety of bohemian vintage clothing, handmade jewelry and other goods such as herbal candles and unique home decorations including Frida Kahlo figurines and colorful woven blankets. Despite being on the pricier side, both new and experienced thrifters will not be disappointed by Mystic Rose’s friendly staff, peaceful atmosphere and eclectic inventory. 

Beach House Local

Located within walking distance from downtown San Anselmo, Beach House Local is the ultimate spot to shop if your style is bohemian and beachy. This bright, sunlit boutique offers a plethora of thrifted items including vintage Levi’s, flannels, floral blouses and shoes. As shoppers wander to the back of the store, they can find a selection of handmade home decorations, including local artwork, vintage or repurposed furniture and patterned fabrics from around the world. Other locally-made gifts such as colorful jewelry and scented candles can be found around the front desk. While lacking in men’s clothing, Beach House Local carries the perfect women’s attire for the laid-back California lifestyle. 

Emma’s Shop

Emma’s Shop in downtown Fairfax was created by Emma Rose, a local vintage collector and jewelry designer. This boutique is known for Rose’s handcrafted, delicate silver and gold chain necklaces and rings. However, there is also a small selection of unique vintage finds for shoppers to explore including Levi’s jeans, pastel silk blouses, leather pants and velvet jackets. If you are willing to spend a little more on some higher-quality vintage clothing items or are looking for some original jewelry, Emma’s Shop is the place to go!


Shimmer is also located in downtown Fairfax and features a large collection of bohemian, designer, athletic and casual styles. The majority of the boutique is made up of vintage clothing items, which are offered at up to 70 percent off of their original price. The staff is extremely friendly and eager to help customers find the garments they are looking for. If you have clothes that you would like to consign, Shimmer accepts fun and fashionable items that are either gently used or in new condition. 


Located on 4th Street in San Rafael, Knimble is the largest of the local thrift stores I visited. This shop has an extensive and well-priced inventory, with a variety of styles including casual, classic, bohemian, athletic, designer and more. Knimble also sells adorable stationery and home goods that make for perfect gifts this holiday season. Customers are welcome to drop off clothing items for resale on Friday-Sunday.