From Nickelodeon to Netflix: our old favorites are back

Samantha Michaels

After completing the dreaded timed multiplication tables in math class and chasing our friends around the playground in a lighthearted game of tag, the best way to wind down from our hectic elementary school days was to turn on our favorite childhood TV shows. As we waited in anticipation for the newest episodes to begin, the TV sang the alluring phrase “Nickelodeon,” which instantly lit up our faces with smiles from ear to ear. Although we cannot go back to the primary school playground, we can still revisit some of our fondest childhood memories through our favorite throwback shows, now streaming on Netflix. To avoid the unnecessarily cheesy lines and cringe-worthy mishaps of our old favorites, let’s look at which shows should still remain on our must-watch list. 



Attempting to throw an online surprise party for her active-duty father while he is overseas, Carly and the rest of the gang are shocked to find that former first lady Michelle Obama has come to their rescue in the special guest star episode. Photo courtesy of Getty images

First airing back in 2007, this beloved Nickelodeon classic sparked an ecstatic response from its former fans when it was released on Netflix on Feb. 8, 2021. This goofy sitcom highlights the lives of best friends Sam and Carly as they navigate their early-teens and newfound internet fame as a result of an unexpected viral-video of the duo. With the help of their friend and tech wiz, Freddie, they expand their online presence by creating a live videoshow called “iCarly.” Although the technology and some of the social situations in the plot are dated, a good laugh is still in store as the show features surprising humor that may have gone over our heads as younger viewers. Whether the characters are taking a stab at Freddie’s unrequited love for Carly or acknowledging the sarcastic sayings of Sam, older viewers are still in for an unexpected treat. With current social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram receiving such positive feedback for its access to hilarious videos and lighthearted sketches from various types of creators, it’s no wonder that our generation is still excited to watch Carly and Sam’s silly antics on the show. 



Posted on the popular social media platform used in the show known as “The Slap,” Tori, Andre and Jade pose at Hollywood Art’s version of prom known as The PROME. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

Back when the world was in need of some binge worthy throwbacks in October 2020, “Victorious” answered the call (or should I say Pear-phone) and was the first Nickelodeon show to make its re-appearance on Netflix. After accidentally stumbling into an audition for an exclusive performing arts academy, protagonist Tori Vega is accepted into her dream school with hopes to “make it shine” in an environment full of other multi-talented artists. While the abnormality of certain characters (such as drama teacher Mr. Sikowitz) and the proportion of her after-school activities may be a little far fetched at times, the show does a decent job of portraying the life of a high school teenager. From cramming for school deadlines to working through messy break-ups, many common stressors are covered and worked through in the plot. Top that off with catchy musical performances and original hit songs that still ring a bell, and “Victorious” is still sure to have you feeling: entertained.


“Big Time Rush” 

Performing on stage, the boys of Big Time Rush put on a show while singing their hit song “Worldwide” for their screaming fans. Photo courtesy of FilmMagic.

Last but certainly not least is the newest addition to our Nickelodeon favorites on Netflix, “Big Time Rush.” Recently added to the collection on March 26, the four-season show follows the chaotic adjustment of former Minnesota hockey players Kendall, Carlos, James and Logan as they turn into the next Hollywood boy band sensation. Under their stage name “Big Time Rush” and with the help of hothead producer Gustavo Rocque, the four navigate their way to  “worldwide” stardom while continuing to preserve their small-town flair through youthful trouble. While it is nice to re-watch who many considered to be their first celebrity crushes, the appeal is not as compelling as it used to be due to the fact that many of us have left the notorious lovestruck boyband stage of our childhoods. Nonetheless, the combination of each member’s distinctive personalities continues to create electric entertainment and still has us deciding which one of the boys we want to be our “boyfriend.”