Make money during COVID-19 while still being safe

Allie Vasquez

Looking for a job as a teenager can be difficult, and with a global pandemic, it has become even more of a challenge. Even now that companies and businesses are starting to hire again, it can be hard to find jobs that comply with your comfort level involving social distancing. However, many students want to use this time to make money so that they can spend it on things like clothes, food, and gas. Here are some of the easiest ways to get paid as a teenager, even in the midst of a pandemic. 


Coaching youth sports

Many kids are unable to join sports teams because of COVID-19 restrictions. To help them (and frankly, their exhausted parents), you can start a small sports team or class for kids who want to learn how to play. Running scrimmages, drills, and exercises will get the kids moving and outdoors, which is important during a pandemic when the majority of the day is spent in front of a screen. You can remain socially distanced by making sure everyone maintains a six-foot distance and stays outdoors. Not only are you making money, but you can practice your skills as well!


Working at a local store 

Photo by Allie Vasquez

During the initial lockdowns from March until August, non-essential stores were forced to temporarily close. 

Now that many are able to reopen, stores are looking for new employees. Local businesses such as Swirl and Barnes & Noble are currently hiring. Working at a local store teaches high school students about work ethic, paychecks, and taxes; which are all crucial life skills. This also helps support local businesses by keeping them running during this difficult time. Local stores are close by and convenient, making for an easy commute. Working at local stores also means you can see more members of your community, and enjoy chance meetings with friends that periodically drop by.


Tutoring over Zoom 

With so many kids in distance learning, parents and teachers are finding it more difficult to ensure that all students pick up every concept. Offering tutoring services over Zoom is an easy way to make money while also helping these struggling elementary and middle schoolers. Without a set curriculum, you can help with homework, or prepare fun lessons to further their understanding of school subjects. Zoom even has an “annotate” feature that allows you to write on the other person’s screen, making it easier to explain concepts. To attract customers, you can reach out to kids and parents that you already know, advertise on NextDoor, or even create flyers to spread the word.


Selling products through social media 

Many teenagers utilize Instagram, Etsy, and Depop to sell products, such as tie-dyed clothes, picture collages, and hand-made jewelry. This allows teenagers to earn money while expressing their creativity and gaining valuable business and entrepreneurial skills. Conducting business through social media also allows for complete social distancing and schedule flexibility. Through social media, teenagers are able to reach a broad market–usually spanning the entire country–from the comfort of their bedrooms.


Photo courtesy of The New York Times


Many Marin families own dogs but may not have the time to walk them. Walking dogs allows you to get exercise, be outside and spend time with dogs while staying socially distant. You can try going to new parks or different trails than you normally would. This helps you explore your community and have fun new experiences on the job. By putting out flyers around your neighborhood, or places that people frequent such as a community center, you can reach more people and gain more clients. 



Babysitting/Mommy’s Helper 

Babysitting is a great way to make money, so long as you make sure the parents are comfortable and you are able to accommodate their COVID-safety concerns –– whether that means staying outdoors or wearing a mask at all times. Working as a babysitter can be fun, and it has flexible hours.

On the other hand, babysitting can be a challenge if you don’t like kids or are afraid of the responsibility of watching a child. If you do not feel ready to be alone with young kids, opt to be a Mommy’s Helper. Mommy’s Helpers help with childcare while the parents are still home. Some parents may ask you to do chores around the house or to play with the kids while they get some work done.


Nowadays, many teenagers have jobs so they are able to save up to buy experiences and nice things for themselves. It is never too late to apply for different jobs, and whether it be at a business in your community or one that you start yourself, there are always opportunities for you to make money!