The ‘sol’-warming Viqtor Food by Sol Food is a definite must-try

The savory aromas of hearty stews, mouth-watering sandwiches and garlicky meats seasoned with fresh herbs and spices fill the air outside Sol Food, San Rafael’s popular Puerto Rican eatery. Customers composing a never-ending line outside La Bodega wait patiently for their takeout as the comforting smell of Latin American cuisine wafts past them. At the main entrance of the restaurant is the pickup location of its newest establishment, Viqtor Food. The menu features a wide variety of options such as fresh salads, sandwiches, egg dishes, casseroles, tacos and stews, all of which are available for online ordering and pick up at the San Rafael location or through food delivery services such as Caviar or Doordash. As someone who would eat Sol Food any day of the week, I could not wait to try it out. 

Deviating from the original Sol Food menu, Victor’s Tacos embody the perfect comfort meal and are an absolute must-try. Photo courtesy of Viqtor Food. (Courtesy of Viqtor Food)

Victor’s Tacos – 4/5 stars: For the steep price of $10.95, Victor’s Tacos topped with sour cream, fresh guacamole, homemade spicy red sauce and your choice of chicken or potato filling will have you savoring every last bite. Overall, this dish did not disappoint nor did it fall short on the portion size. From the smokiness of the hot red sauce to the light and creamy texture of the guacamole, the flavors in the dish were perfectly balanced. I decided to go with the chicken filling in my tacos and while my taste buds did enjoy the nice topping combination, the tortilla lacked the crispiness that I had hoped for. 

Bruce’s Spicy Coconutty Stew with rice and plantains will warm your heart and satisfy your hunger, but beware of the spice! (Avery Aguero)

Bruce’s Spicy Coconutty Stew – 4/5 stars: As a long-time fan of curry and other coconut milk-based dishes, Viqtor Food did not let me down with its unique Puerto Rican twist on a hearty, curry-like stew. At first bite, the tangy coconut broth with sauteed onions and crushed tomatoes packed a quick, spicy punch, leaving my mouth cool with every bite. This dish also came with two fried garlic plantains, fluffy rice and a roasted serrano pepper, all for $9.95. Although I would have enjoyed a protein with my meal, such as fish or prawns, I was reluctant to pay an additional $9.95 given the fact that this meal was already expensive for its portion size. I highly recommend this dish to anyone who is comfortable with spending a little extra cash for a classic comfort meal. 

Shredded Special Salad – 3/5 stars: The Shredded Special Salad, made with organic mixed greens, shredded carrots, beets, a hard boiled egg and fresh lime, is a nice dish that pairs well with any of Viqtor Food’s substantial soups or sandwiches. The overall quality of this meal does not compensate for its stiff price of $12, so I would opt out of adding a serving of tuna salad or chicken for an extra $6. Despite the simplicity of its ingredients, this salad did not lack freshness or flavor, as the shredded beets and carrots were just sweet enough to balance the bitterness of the greens and the salty hard boiled egg. I expected the dressing to pair well with the light and crunchy vegetables, but it was too bland; it could have been more acidic to boost its flavor profile. 

Looking on the lighter side, the Shredded Special salad paired with the Jamaica Iced Tea makes for a cool and refreshing combo. (Courtesy of Viqtor Food)

Jamaica Iced Tea – 5/5: Wash down any of the items listed above and get your money’s worth with a tall, refreshing cup of herbal Jamaica Iced Tea for $4.25. The subtle sweetness of the hibiscus tea poured over ice is the perfect palette cleanser for any Viqtor Food menu item. I highly recommend ordering this tropical beverage on a warm, sunny day. 

My taste-testing experience at Viqtor Food was delightful and I would definitely recommend giving the new place a try, especially to all the Sol Food lovers like myself. 


Avery Aguero