Amazon ‘must adds’ to your holiday list to make online school bearable


During this year’s holiday season, celebrations are expected to look very different from years past; with COVID-19 restrictions and the uncertainty surrounding in-person school come January, what we’re asking for during the holiday season may reflect our new lives as virtual students. Whether you only want to spend a little for some holiday cheer or max out your debit card, here are some ideas for superb gifts under $50 on Amazon for online school. Or just to treat yourself — after this year, we all deserve it!


Veryhome Fake Succulent Plants – $10

Being stuck inside for most of the day may have us longing for exposure to nature, which indoor plants can help replicate. Besides being a trendy decoration to a perhaps otherwise boring desk, plants in the workplace have been shown to reduce stress while increasing productivity. Just one look at these adorable succulents may help ease the tension from your third awkward breakout room of the day! 


Fidget cube – $11

Similar to the fidget spinner in its purpose, the fidget cube has six different sides to click, roll, glide, spin and flip. Claiming to reduce anxiety and increase concentration, this cube is advantageous in difficult times like these. Small enough to fiddle with off-screen, the cube will not distract others and will help keep you focused. If you are struggling to pay attention to your online classes and need to direct extra energy elsewhere, the fidget cube may be perfect for you! 


Blue light glasses- $17

Spending the day looking at computer screens increases exposure to blue light, a form of light that has been linked to digital eye strain. Although not scientifically proven to be effective, blue light glasses aim to reduce the harms of blue light radiation and look fashionable on camera. But be careful, although you won’t be exposed to blue light, you will definitely be exposed for responding to Snapchats during class. 


Simple Modern Cup – $20

“Not to be dramatic, but I would die for this cup,” is the first review that comes up when you search for the Simple Modern Cup on  Amazon. Dramatic? Maybe. Accurate? Absolutely: this tumbler is the real deal. Complete with vacuum insulation, it promises to keep your drink cold all day and its reusable straw makes it eco-friendly, bringing you back to a time when your biggest worry was saving the sea turtles. The variety of colors and patterns, from “ombre pacific dream” to “prism”, allows you to personalize your cup as well, so now you can stay hydrated and fashion-forward while you sit alone in your room!


LED lights- $30

Gaining popularity from TikTok, LED lights — strips of bulbs that illuminate different colors and light patterns — are lighting up the rooms of students everywhere. Controlled by a remote, LED lights can brighten your work environment, giving you a unique background for every Zoom session. Not only do the lights look edgy, but their low lighting will better hide your maskne. Spending hours and hours in your room is an opportunity to redecorate — just add light! 


Portable Desk – $35

Too tired to get out of bed but don’t want to rest your computer on your lap? A bed desk is the perfect gift for a student who enjoys attending school from the comfort of their bed. Large enough for a laptop and equipped with a tablet and cup holder, you can have everything you need for school at your fingertips. The raised platform and flat surface will alleviate the awkward bed angles and double chins too!


The Comfy- $50

Say goodbye to shirts and underwire bras — they are now relics of the past. The Comfy is the ultimate closet addition for the wintertime and is essential for online school. A mix between an oversized hoodie and a robe, the soft exterior, and the fluffy interior will keep you warm and cozy all winter long. No need to dress up for school; just wear your Comfy!