Peacock Gap Golf Course Review

Jack Benbow

The coronavirus pandemic had shut down golf courses in most states for a little over a month and half before governors began allowing courses like Peacock Gap to reopen in early May. Although many outdoor activities have been altered or banned in order to enforce social distancing, golf is one of few sports that requires little to no contact with other players, is an outdoor and individual sport and allows transmission of the coronavirus to be few and far. Given golf courses are now open and a good way to get outside, play with friends, enforce social distancing and have some fun, this is a review of Peacock Gap golf course in San Rafael, California. Peacock is a public golf course with the only grass range available in Marin. It is an attractive spot for mid-skilled golfers to stop by and practice some shots. The range is quite sandy and is overall average at best, but it works for the purpose of warming up. While Peacock Gap is not perfect, there is no doubt that it is the best public golf course in the area. I will be rating my favorite par 3, par 4 and par 5 on the course in addition to the “Signature Hole” and my personal favorite at Peacock Gap.                                                        

Hole Six, Par 3:

This 176-yard water clearing par 3 is by far the best par 3 at Peacock Gap. With just 80 yards to the front of the water, an excellent tee shot is needed to clear the reservoir and reach the green. Those fortunate enough to reach the green could potentially face the hardest putt of the day. The putting surface on hole six is made of three plateaus; ending up on the wrong one could mean facing a lengthy putt and a potential bogey. In all honesty, the odds are that you will lose a ball or two in this hole, so it’s not uncommon to feel the need to snap your club after this one.

Hole Seven, Par 4:

This 297-yard par 4 is one of the most exhilarating on the course. With a bunker protecting the green in the front, you need to hit an absolute bomb to clear it. However, those who can clear the bunker have a good chance to birdie the hole. If you’re looking for a long drive contest this is definitely the best hole for it, throwing a few wagers and bets could liven up the golfing experience. If you are unable to clear the bunker, it is an easy approach shot. This hole is the most interesting to play because the fairway is extremely wide so it is very hard to lose a ball, and the dispersion of shots can trace like a Pollock.

Hole 12, Par 5:

My favorite par 5 is hole 12 at Peacock Gap as it is a dog leg right 546-yard hole. Your tee shot should typically be with a driver, followed by a fairway wood or an iron. There’s a small undulation in the middle of the fairway which I use to signal whether or not I should go for the green in two or lay up. If you end up past this “sign,” then you should go for the green, but if you are short of it, then you should lay up and play it safe. The only contest is one bunker in front of the green, otherwise you’re left open for a fairly easy approach shot in. This is, however, the longest hole in the golf course, and with a mistake or two, you could be kicking the can all the way in. There are trees lining the hole on the left and the right, with a bunker dead straight of the tee box. After the initial tee shot, the hole is fairly straight and the only struggle entering the green occurs with the bunker lining the right side of the green. This is an easy hole to par as long as your tee shot is in the fairway.

Hole 16, Par 3, Signature Hole:

The signature hole at Peacock Gap is hole 16, par 3. With the lagoon on your left, this hole has the most scenic view in the course and a massive green. If you are running low on balls, you can walk down to the water’s edge and pick up anywhere from five to 20 balls at a time. The water’s edge is covered with golf balls and the occasional golf club as well. The worst part of this hole is either the realization that you only have two holes left or that you just hit four balls into the water.

Hole Two, Par 4, Personal Favorite:

My favorite hole at Peacock Gap is the par 4 second hole. With trees on your left and the river to your right, it is a really small fairway to hit with an extremely long second shot to reach the green in regulation. There is a bunker about 250 yards down the fairway on the right, and, with a good drive, it can be easily reached. However, you still have about another 170 to 190 yards into the green. This hole is a tricky green to navigate, but can be an easy three putt for any golfer.