The MVCs of Super Bowl LIV

Kalyn Dawes

Over 98 million viewers tuned in to Super Bowl LIV and they watched as the 49ers and Chiefs battled in the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. After stifling the Chiefs offense for three quarters, the 49ers let up three fourth-quarter touchdowns and were held scoreless over the final 15 minutes, leading to a 31-20 loss for San Francisco. However, during timeouts and breaks, another competition took place, this time off the field, as big businesses competed for the eyes and wallets of America. This year, a 30-second commercial in the Super Bowl cost advertisers $5.6 million dollars. With such high stakes, companies with million-dollar budgets use songs, humor, A-list actors and intricate plots to turn heads and tune in ears. With a wide variety of ads, from political candidates to avocados, here are the MVCs (Most Valuable Commercials). 

Hyundai – “Smaht Pahk

Hyundai used big-time actors John Krasinski, Chris Hemsworth and Rachel Dratch, to sell their new hands-free parking feature. In thick Boston accents, the actors doubt Krasinski will be able to park in a “wicked tight spot.” Luckily, his Sonata’s “Smaht Pahk” feature makes the parking job a breeze. While the commercial runs more as a Saturday Night Live skit than an advertisement, the actors certainly catch viewers’ attention and get a few laughs, making it one of the “bettah” ads of the night.

Google – “Loretta

This year, many companies aimed to uplift viewers through lighthearted commercials. Google clearly did not get the memo. Google’s “Loretta” was sure to make tears drip into your guacamole. Following the footsteps of last year’s “100 billion words,” Google took an emotional angle with their ad. This year’s commercial portrays an aging man telling Google Assistant to remind him of various heart-wrenching characteristics of his dead wife. The touching sentiments were from a Google employee’s real grandfather, making the ad’s message, to always keep loved one’s memories alive, even more poignant.

Amazon – “Before Alexa

Amazon took their high budget to the test, using everything from jesters to dragons in “Before Alexa.” The commercial’s amusing plot starts with Ellen Degeneres and her wife, Portia de Rossi, wondering what people did before Alexa, Amazon’s Smart Speaker. The ad covers various pre-tech Alexas, not only making viewers laugh, but also providing commentary on world issues such as the Nixon Tapes and fake news. Amazon cleverly weaves in the various uses of Alexa, ensuring viewers remember the product.

Jeep – “Groundhog Day

Jeep’s “Groundhog Day” commercial was possibly the best of the night. Bill Murry, the original actor from the 1993 film “Groundhog Day” finds himself in yet another time loop but this time, rather than living each day in spite, he enjoys the repetition because of the new Jeep Gladiator that he uses to steal the groundhog. The ad shows Murray and the furry rodent’s various adventures with references to the original film throughout. This commercial is sure to bring a smile to anyone who has seen the movie and drives home Jeep’s adventurous message: “no day is the same with a Jeep!”

Honorable mentions

Doritos – “Old Town Road”

Lil Nas X and Sam Elliot compete for a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos in a Wild West Dance-Off to Old Town Road.

Rocket Mortgage – “Natural Self”

Jason Momoa strips down to his “natural self” as he gets comfortable in his own home.

Facebook – “Ready to Rock?”

Facebook advertises Facebook Group’s ability to unite communities, no matter how strange.