After a two month break, the Popeyes chicken sandwich returns tastier than ever

Charlie Ginsburg

Within the month of November, there have been fights, brawls and even a stabbing across the nation. The cause: a spicy chicken sandwich. After hearing about this I decided to see for myself whether or not the sandwich was worth the chaos it caused and if the long lines reported on social media were exaggerations.

In August, Popeyes added a spicy chicken sandwich to their menu. However, because the sandwich was so popular, they sold through their inventory quickly and were forced to take it off of their menu after only two weeks. On Nov. 3, the much-anticipated sandwich was added back to the menu. Since then, the sandwich has garnered lots of attention on social media, whether it be because of its great taste or the restaurant’s incredibly long and sometimes violent lines.

Photo courtesy of dfmobile.
As labeled on the box, Popeyes offers both a spicy chicken sandwich and a regular chicken sandwich.

Right as I walked out of my car toward the restaurant I was confronted by a long line that flowed out the door. However, after examining the line, I assumed it was nothing compared to the ones reported on social media. 

While the line itself was relatively long, the time spent standing in line was not nearly as long as the time I spent waiting for my order. Because the restaurant had only three workers, they scrambled to comply with everyone’s orders. So, after waiting for no less than an hour in total, my spicy chicken sandwich was finally ready.

The sandwich cost $3.99 and the first thing I noticed was its size. The sandwich, unlike those at other fast-food restaurants, had enough chicken to fill out the entire bun and did not have more bread than actual meat. When I bit into the sandwich the first thing I noticed was its texture: the outside layer of the chicken was extremely crispy and enjoyable, while the inside was tender and savory. On top of the texture, the flavor was incredible and the seasoning on the inside of the bun added a burst of spice to the sandwich. Not to be overlooked, the bun was also warm and soft. Overall, the sandwich had no flaws and, as surprised as I am to say it, lived up to the hype.

Because of its high demand, Popeyes has put a restriction on the number of chicken sandwiches a customer can buy.

Despite it being the best chicken sandwich I have ever eaten, I still left the restaurant questioning whether or not my trip to Popeyes was worth it. Because the closest locations of the restaurant are extremely far from Redwood, with San Francisco and Richmond as the closest options, the drive was a bit of an expedition. With the thirty-minute drive to the restaurant on Divisadero street in San Francisco, the hour-long wait and the drive home, the trip added up to a total of two full hours for only ten minutes of eating.

Overall, the sandwich is tremendous. The flavor, the texture, the warmth—it’s all there. However, considering the fact that there are no Popeyes in Marin, getting one is difficult. But, if you are someone who is not opposed to driving a long way, the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich is definitely worth the trip.