Hallmarks Merry and Bright shines through the holiday season

Alli Runnfeldt

Courtesy of NPS
The holiday spirit is everywhere throughout every scene in Hallmarks Merry and Bright

Ah, it is always a clear indicator that we’ve made it to the best time of the year when the Hallmark Channel releases its yearly collection of holiday movies. Get ready to curl up with some hot chocolate and candy canes when watching the Nov. 2 release of “Merry and Bright.” It revolves around the cheesy romance, as all the Hallmark movies do, between the former Full House star Jodie Sweetin as Cate and Andrew Walker as Gabe. With a more intriguing and unique plot compared to other Hallmark movies, this one is definitely the best to select out of the weekly options.

The story’s main plotline follows Cate’s romance and business life with Gabe, along with a supplement plot: Cate’s mother, Joy (Sharon Lawrence), trying to wrangle the adorable dog she rescued for her daughter as a gift. This little side story is part of the reason this movie stands out; the way Joy bonded with the dog and cleverly hid him from her daughter until she could not bear to give him up was endearing. The scene where she tries to give him as a gift as she had planned is so heartwarming and sweet. This relatable addition to the movie added to the story by providing another character to be invested in. 

As for the main plot, Cate’s life is centered around her recently deceased grandmother’s candy cane company, a life she had not envisioned for herself but was willing to take on to continue the tradition. This explanation for her being in the position was a little cliche and unrealistic, especially considering she had a previous job that was nothing of this nature. After being put in this role, she realizes that her grandmother’s unwillingness to make changes to the company had begun to slow down business; that is where Gabe comes in. Although they got off to a horribly uncomfortable and embarrassing start, their relationship progressed  in an endearing way. This initial meeting was my favorite part because of the way it was filmed to show each of their confusion, as she was unsure of who he actually was; she had mistaken him for a man her mother tried to set her up with. It was an effective way of introducing the characters in a realistically humorous way. Through the moments of discomfort and laughter, all Hallmark movies do ensure their viewers cannot help but feel the holiday spirit through their impeccable choice in holiday music, intricate details of both the small town and big city parties and even the choices of clothing. 

If being set in the candy cane capital of the world isn’t enough for you, the crazy, elaborate Christmas parties and decorations in this movie sure will be. Cate’s factory is the perfect picture of Christmas all year round; what more could a person want? However, she wants more. That is where their short-lived friendship takes a hit and the classic drama starts. 

The holiday season has always been my absolute favorite time of the year, but I have never been a big fan of Hallmark movies. Abecause, as anyone who has seen one knows, they almost always follow the same sort of plot with the timing of events and most of the time are pretty  unbearably awkward. I expected to question why I was spending yet another hour and 45 minutes of my time on one of these movies, but this one was different. It’s more unique story and upbeat feel rather than feeling uncomfortable for imaginary characters was refreshing. 

Of course, as any good holiday movie does, it ends happily with a romantic surprise epilogue to close out. While the two of them certainly had their ups and downs, there were so many sweet moments to get you through: emotionally and literally. When you are scrolling through the Hallmark movie selection this season, Merry and Bright is a fun choice with a unique story and lots of holiday spirit. If you are looking to stray from the classics, this is the perfect holiday movie.