SunLife Organics provides health and flavor – and empty wallets

Alli Runnfeldt

As Marin men and women leave an intense class at the Larkspur Soulcycle, they can now be rewarded with a healthy treat from the new smoothie shop sharing the building with the popular cycling company. In its prime location at the Marin Country Mart, SunLife Organics opened its doors on Sep. 23 after a summer spent in anticipation.

Alli Runnfeldt
The Brazilian bowl ($11.95).

The wait was worth it; an aesthetically pleasing store and surroundings contrasts with past stores. Sunlight peers through the front glass doors, shining on the neat environment, creating a perfect opportunity for Instagram worthy pictures. Along with smoothies, SunLife Organics sells meticulously organized health bars, books and even their own personalized Hydro Flasks. 

Stepping through the doors inside the building, it becomes apparent that the company not only cares about the health of their customers, but the health of our planet. With 100 percent biodegradable straws, wooden spoons and all organic ingredients, the products are extremely environmentally friendly.

After only a few weeks in business, SunLife already has some customer favorites. The Brazilian Bowl was at the top of the list with acai, bananas, strawberries and blueberries as the main ingredients in the base. The smoothie base was not too sweet, with a nice pairing of granola, banana and strawberry slices, hemp seeds and shredded coconut on top. The smoothie to topping ratio was perfect, making every bite flavorful. This bowl was definitely my favorite.

Wolverine, a smoothie, is another customer favorite, filled with many health foods such as bee pollen, coconut butter and royal jelly. These ingredients are known for helping the digestive and immune systems. Banana, almond butter, dates, maca, cacao nibs, and almond milk were the main ingredients of the smoothie. Overall, this smoothie was not for me because of the lack of flavor and the chunkiness, but it might be for someone who enjoys a thick consistency with a milder flavor.

Alli Runnfeldt
The Wolverine ($10.95).

Another popular choice is the Matcha Goddess smoothie. Filled with matcha, whey protein, coconut meat, cashew butter, dates, sea salt and hemp milk, this smoothie was flavorful and sweet, but not what I was expecting. Going into it with the expectation of a strong matcha flavor, I was slightly disappointed by the outcome. The addition of coconut meat makes the smoothie high in antioxidants, but gives the smoothie a thicker, milkshake like consistency. Tasting similar to a vanilla milkshake, this is perfect for someone who wants a healthy alternative with an energy boost from the matcha. Matcha naturally contains caffeine, making this a good meal and morning coffee replacement. SunLife Organics also sells matcha green tea based beverages such as tea or lattes.

The workers were kind and helpful and the smoothies came out within five minutes after ordering. Everything about Sunlife was ideal with one downside: the prices. The bowl was $11.95, which makes sense, as it is supposed to be a meal or large snack. The Wolverine smoothie was $10.95 and the Matcha smoothie was almost $13. With relatively large portions and organic ingredients, the majority of the menu has high prices like these. The minimum price for a bowl is about $10 and the maximum is $35 flat. With such high prices, it is likely that SunLife will gain more of a dedicated customer following from adults as opposed to students.

Alli Runnfeldt
The Matcha Goddess ($12.95).

Overall, SunLife Organics was delicious and other smoothie bars should look out for competition, especially considering how healthy it is. Although the high prices may spike initial distaste, the service, cleanliness and spectacular smoothies made up for it. Steep prices may not call for an everyday visit, but SunLife is definitely worth trying.