Satire: Handbook Knowledge Episode 2 With Peter Panters

Alex Johnson

Although the name has changed from Underclassmen Knowledge to Handbook Knowledge, the ridiculous questions and naive victims have remained. In Episode 2 of this series, I waltzed around the amphitheater to acquire a sense of the knowledge surrounding grading policies. With questions ranging from new letter grades like the double-A to personal experiences about my difficulty trying to play on the ultimate frisbee team with a 0.64 GPA, this episode contains a lot of gullibility. 

Some of the guests include a struggling artist trying to advertise his music career, a student who probably should probably schedule an appointment with the ear doctor and my favorite guest of all – bird feces.

 One of the best parts about recording this video was the milestone we reached after only two episodes of work. Usually, when I am approaching with his “make-shift pop filter” and one-man camera crew, the unsuspecting students trying to peacefully eat their lunches are reluctant to answer questions. It usually takes some convincing and I am even rejected sometimes. However, the breakthrough we reached this episode was when a guest approached us and asked to be interviewed. I would have never anticipated this in a million years and can genuinely say that I am honored. Even though this guest was the Spotify artist who was ultimately just trying to say his name into the microphone, it was a big win for me.

Going in order of the handbook, next month’s episode will revolve around graduation requirements. You can expect me to convince some people that they will not be graduating.