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Lily Baldwin is a junior at Redwood High School and is a Feature Section Editor for the Redwood Bark. She enjoys writing, cooking, and traveling.

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I Emma Flop: Reviving the Bark Advice Column from 1958

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The first edition of the Bark, published in 1958, includes an advice column titled, “I, Emma Flop.” In honor of the Bark’s 60th anniversary, the advice column has been reinstated. Students submitted anonymous questions, some serious and some less so, to be answered with satirical advice.  

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Varsity boys’ basketball vanquishes Tam High

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On Tuesday night, the boys’ varsity basketball team defeated the Tam Hawks 52-46 in an intense showdown. The Hawks and the Giants came into this game nearly evenly matched, with Tam slightly leading over Redwood with a 13-4 overall league standing. Redwood came in with a 12-5 record, but after the win they are now […]

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Tam students break Redwood bleachers during rival basketball game

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Three rows of bleachers in the big gym were broken by the Tam student section at a home varsity boys’ basketball game at around 8:45 p.m. on Tuesday night. The two rival teams, the Tam Hawks and the Redwood Giants, competed in an extremely close and fast-paced game, ending in a victory for the Giants with […]


Recipes to get you through the week

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by Lily Baldwin Finals week is rough; we pull all-nighters, spend hours making notecards, and try to remember every last detail of that super vague study guide. Amidst all the chaos, the one thing we often don’t remember to do is eat. Here’s a friendly reminder to put aside those study guides for a bit […]

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Best of 2017

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The Bark reviewed a collection of books, TV series, movies, albums and podcasts to top off 2017. To read the full story, click below.  

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Admit it: Sexual harassment needs to be addressed

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“On a scale of one to ten, how do you rate that girl?” “Eh, I’d say low seven.” “Nah, dude. More like a high six.” This is what junior girl “Veronica” heard one day on her way to the locker room. She could clearly hear the boys making comments about her body as they were […]

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Furry faces of the fire (video)

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Residents of Northern California struggle to recover in the wake of the devastating fires that ravaged their communities. While the people mourn the loss of their homes and rifle through their charred belongings, their displaced animals remain in a state of confusion and helplessness. It’s impossible to drive through the roads of California without viewing […]

Sophomore defensive back Rudy Washington sprints with the ball (courtesy of Luca Traverso)

Varsity football’s strong first quarter not enough to overcome MC

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The Giants varsity football team suffered a loss against the undefeated Marin Catholic Wildcats on Saturday with a final score of 55-6. This was Redwood’s seventh game this season, after almost two weeks of canceled athletics due to poor air quality from the nearby wildfires. Going into the game, the Giants, with a record of […]

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Ignorance isn’t bliss: the importance of self-education

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Within the last year, I’ve learned more about the current issues surrounding gender identity than any academic subject I’m required to study in school. I was thrown for a loop when someone very close to me came out as transgender, and while I was extremely proud of her, I found myself lacking in knowledge about […]