Preview to Micetro preformance

Geneva Gondak

“Who will win the cheese? It’s up to you to decide.” These are the words plastering the hallways urging students to attend this year’s production of Micetro, an improvisational show that will be presented by the EPiC theater group over the next five days.

The show, comprised entirely of improvisational skits, allows 16 actors to compete to win the title of the “Micetro” of the night. The show will run Tuesday through Saturday with performances in the Little Theater at 7:30 p.m. each night.

Monday afternoon drama held a free preview, doubling as a dress rehearsal for the cast and crew.

The winner of Monday’s preview was senior Danny Liebster, who fought off two other contestants in a final tie-breaking round to win the unofficial preview night title.

“Wooooooooooo! This cheese hat right here, this is the best thing I’ve done with my life,” Leibster said.

Micetro has become a fall drama staple, yet every year Micetro evolves with a changing cast and new improv sketches every night.

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“This is not your grandparents’ Micetro. This is not your older sibling’s Micetro. This year Micetro has gotten to a whole new level,” said Tom Cline, a senior and one of the show’s producers.

In each round of the show, groups of two to five actors entertain the crowd by participating in improv games with titles such as “My Movie” and “Alien Gibberish Translator.”

The audience has the power to give scene suggestions and decide the fate of the 16 improvisers by rating each act using a one to five applause scale.

The audience’s scores are translated into points and after each round the actors with the lowest scores are eliminated from the competition.

“I think the crowd will love it and everybody in the entire western half of the hemisphere of this earth should come see it,” said junior James Harding, a Micetro cast member.