Boygenius comes to the Bay Area, heats up Frost Amphitheater

Ava Carlson

Hammering away at a solo, a shot of Dijon’s drummer is projected above the stage as the crowd watches.

On Sunday, June 4, the Re:SET concert series brought Boygenius, Clairo, Dijon and Bartees Strange to Stanford’s Frost Amphitheater to perform hits from their discography. On Friday and Saturday, the stage was graced by LCD Soundsystem and Steve Lacy respectively, each headlining their own lineup of musicians.

Coming out of the pandemic, Re:SET organizer Cody Lauzier’s goal was to create a different style of festival, allowing each headliner to curate their own ideal lineup. Re:SET bills itself as an “artist and fan friendly alternative to the standard summer concert experience,” and functions as a tour of sorts for the artists in the three lineups. Each billing performs at three venues in a given region, and tickets to the concerts fund regional charities as well.

Doors opened at the Frost Amphitheater at 3 p.m., with long queues emerging at the merch tents not long after. At 4:15 p.m., Bartees Strange, who opened for Boygenius’s Lucy Dacus and Phoebe Bridgers during their 2021 tours, took the stage and played a genre-hopping mix of songs from his albums “Live Forever” and “Farm to Table.” Crowd favorites included “Wretched” from “Farm to Table,” and his closing song, “Boomer,” which had the audience dancing despite the heat.

Pride flags wave in the audience as Clairo plays “Amoeba” in front of a live video feed of the elated front row.

Dijon walked on the stage next at 5:15 p.m. He started his indie soul and R&B set with “Big Mike’s,” the first song of his 2021 album “Absolutely,” and brought the show to an end with the groovy Baltimore club homage “Talk Down” as a breeze began to float through the amphitheater. Dijon’s final song was the heart wrenching “Rodeo Clown,” in which he fell apart on stage with desperate wails of “you’re missing out on good love.”

At 6:35 p.m., Clairo, with hits like “Flaming Hot Cheetos,” “Bags,” “Sofia” and “Amoeba,” began her set, mostly composed of songs from her 2021 record “Sling” and 2019’s “Immunity” mixed in. Midway through her set, she tossed in a crooning cover of Carole King’s “Bitter with the Sweet.” Clairo wrapped up her show with a performance of “Bags” that moved the audience to sing the final chorus back to her.

Junior Elsa McAllister was most excited for Boygenius, the final act of the night and the reason she bought a ticket for the concert. At 8:15 p.m., the band walked out to Thin Lizzy’s “The Boys Are Back In Town.”

The supergroup, composed of Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker, began with an abridged version of their song “Without You Without Them” before seamlessly sliding into the rocker “$20.” McAllister found their performance of “True Blue,” from 2023’s “the record” to be the most memorable.

Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus play guitar as Julien Baker howls the crescendo of “Anti-Curse,” a song off Boygenius’ newest album.

“Everyone in the audience was either laughing or crying – it was so surreal,” McAllister said.

In the crowd, fans sang and screamed along, howling out proclamations of their love for the band and crying at touching moments. Between songs, the band displayed their camaraderie to the audience as they chatted and joked with each other and those in the front row. Boygenius played a medley of songs from “the record” and their initial self-titled EP, before closing with an encore of “Please Stay,” “Favor” and “Graceland Too,” an emotional trio of songs from each member’s solo work.

The Re:SET concert series was conceived by Lauzier to be a breath of fresh air for musicians and fans, with open and walkable venues and opportunities to take breaks for food or drinks from local vendors without the stress of missing overlapping acts or pushing artists to compress their performances.

Lauzier alluded towards plans to progress Re:SET in the future in an interview with Consequence Sound.

“The fans will really tell us, right? If they vote with their feet and show up and have a great time, there’s no way we don’t repeat this,” Lauzier said.