Pro-Palestine organizations host protest outside of the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco

Pasha Fooman

Officially beginning with the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, the Israel-Palestine Conflict is a war that has spanned many decades, characterized by constant clashes between the nation of Israel and various Palestinian groups. Today, the conflict is primarily fought between two warring factions. One is the Islamist and anti-Semitic Palestinian group Hamas, which controls the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip. The other is the nation of Israel, which is currently occupying the West Bank region and the Golan Heights, facing Palestinian resistance in these regions. On April 4, 2023, various Pro-Palestine groups including the Palestinian Youth Movement, the Bay Area branch of the Party for Socialism and Liberation, the U.S. Palestinian Community Network and Jewish community members banded together outside San Francisco’s Israeli consulate to protest the alleged Israeli human rights violations. Most of these allegations are long standing accusations of the Israeli Defense Force’s conduct, but this recent protest also highlighted the imprisonment of Palestinian activist and cancer patient Walid Daqqa. Daqqa was imprisoned in 1986 for the murder of an Israeli soldier and many have called for his release as his cancer has progressively worsened due to not receiving sufficient treatment. The protest vehemently advocated for the liberation of the Palestinian people from what these organizations see as an unjust occupation, which a United Nations rights lawyer and other human rights groups have labeled “apartheid”, and accused Israel of war crimes, genocide and other crimes against the people of Palestine.