Lucky’s supermarket closes after serving the community for 40 years

Charlotte Lacy

On March 17, Lucky’s supermarket employees were notified that the Magnolia Avenue location would close on Friday, April 14. Lucky’s, owned by Save Mart, was open in Larkspur for 40 years, and its closure leaves the community emotional.

Sign standing out front of the store alters customers about the closure on April 14.

Save Mart did not share why the front is closing, but workers at the Larkspur Lucky’s location shared with The San Francisco Standard that the grocery did not renew its lease on Magnolia Avenue.

Save Mart states that the closing will not affect store employees, and they will be offered positions at nearby chain locations. Jake Williams, a Junior at Redwood High School, has worked at Lucky’s since July 2022. He is unclear why Lucky’s Supermarket is closing but believes it concerns the corporation Save Mart. 

“The corporation itself isn’t modernized, and they aren’t in the know. They don’t have any online platform to check the schedule[s] or [receive payment]. They are just very far behind. When I applied, I had to wait a month to get my employee number from corporate,” Williams said.  

Sophomore Malcolm Estus visited Lucky’s four times a week and was surprised to hear about Lucky’s closure. He enjoyed the flexibility of choosing a different item for lunch every day due to the variety of the store.

“The best thing about Lucky’s is [that it’s a] grocery store with everything. If one day I want a sandwich, I can get that, or [if] one day I want yogurt, I can get that,” Estus said.

Checking out, the store manager greets customers with a huge smile.

Community member Peggy Lynch has lived in Larkspur for 54 years and frequently visited Lucky’s for last-minute needs. Lynch shares how much she will miss the employees at the grocery store. 

“I will miss Penny, a cashier, and Mark, the manager and the sweetest lady who works in the deli. [The staff] were so friendly and kind,” Lynch said. 

Lynch contributes a lot of work for St. Vincent de Paul, which focuses on giving back to those in need. She explains that many people with limited incomes shop at Lucky’s because it is local. She also shares that the store is excellent for the elderly as it is not as busy as stores like Safeway. 

“We have a lot of people on limited incomes and don’t have transportation to get to Safeway. Lucky’s has always been great for them because they can walk there, and I find that it is not as crowded as Safeway for elderly people using canes or walkers to get around the store,” Lynch said.

Shoppers search for items struggling to find what they are looking for as the store empties out.

Lucky’s closing will affect all types of Larkspur residents.  According to Estus, the school will also be affected due to so many students spending their time there.

“I have fun going to Lucky’s daily because my friends all like to go together. We will have to find a new place, and the school will probably have to make more lunches because many people go over there,” Estus said. 

This storefront attracts many students of Hall Middle School and Redwood High School, leaving youth and the rest of the community wondering what could replace this beloved store that attracts many daily.